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Are “more fundamental” constituents physically smaller? Not always: if inflation is correct, quanta of the inflaton field are as large as the observable universe.

Shortly after, the human era will be ended.

Are “less fundamental” things made out of “more fundamental” ones? Perhaps – but while a cell is indeed "made of" atoms, it is perhaps more so “made of" structural and genetic information that is part of a long historical and evolutionary process. Is that process more fundamental than the cell?

Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence.

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Any intelligent machine of the sort he describes would not be humankind's "tool" -- any more than humans are the tools of rabbits or robins or chimpanzees.

(For me, the superhumanity is the essence of the Singularity.

It is more probable than not that, within the twentieth century, an ultraintelligent machine will be built and that it will be the last invention that man need make.

More and more, these writers felt an opaque wall across the future.

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Once, galactic empires might have seemed a Post-Human domain.

After all, till we have hardware as powerful as a human brain it is probably foolish to think we'll be able to create human equivalent (or greater) intelligence.

The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century.

Environmental Studies, Public Health, Engineering etc.

While this topic is broad, successful essays will not use this breadth as an excuse to shoehorn in the author's pet topic, but will rather keep as their central focus the theme of the contest.

The first three possibilities depend in large part on improvements in computer hardware.

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If such teams were allowed in at least some chess tournaments, it could have the positive effect on IA research that allowing computers in tournaments had for the corresponding niche in AI.

Progress in computer hardware has followed an amazingly steady curve in the last few decades [17].

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