Why Pakistan's Maryam Nawaz Sharif could be undone by a font

. One need look no further than the recent performance of Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S. school system when compared to their black of Hispanic classmates to realize that culture and consciousness are absolutely crucial to explain not only economic behavior but virtually every other important aspect of life as well. ()

I'd like everyone to take a deep breath and listen for a minute.

She went on to describe the strike as a

And we're doing exactly what the terrorists want.

I agree with you on spectacle and theatre, though. I hadn't thought of it before, but Aristotle's "Poetics" is surprisingly apropos in understanding the situation. Or see "Computers as Theatre".

I fear the latter self is right.

No, the immediate point of terrorism is to cause terror. The point of the terror is to create a message. Or more specifically, the point of the terror is to create a state of mind in which certain messages will be interpreted in certain intended ways.

The US military had said Hasib's death would "help reach our goal of destroying them in 2017".

3) "We" ... speak for yourself, see 1 and also

This article is crap (sorry). It TOTALLY misses what "terrorists want". Terrorism is NOT the goal and never was. Randomly killing people, or randomly terrorizing people is not the agenda. It serves no purpose, acheives no objective and accomplishes no goal. These are definitely NOT tactics used by true terrorists.

If there is a way to profit from something, it will be done.

I had written it off as an isolated incident which was Hollywood-ised. These recent (say, since 9/11) changes in policy and law have brought back memories. Especially because they didn't even bother to come up with a new name for the same disproportionally empowering law. Even if I give politicians that use terrorism as an argument the absolute benefit of the slightest doubt (i.e. I don't accuse them of specifically causing fear, or stimulating it) I still conclude they use it to find fall-guys. I'm just hoping they're not about to steal 30 years from innocent people again.

We do not seem to learn from history.

Palestinian suicide bombers are not seeking to engage in terrorism to simply terrorize people - they are seeking to bring a stop the occupation and oppression of Palestine.

Ducks dismiss star Darren Carrington from program following DUII arrest

"The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself."

It reminds me of those kids in the nineties who were being expelled from elementary schools for bringing "weapons" (microscopic plastic "guns" for their GI-Joe action figures) to school. There's a fine line between common sense and stupidity... and we're no way near it anymore.

"Is it not perhaps a tad presumptious to speak on behalf of terrorists?"

I reckon it'll be a long slog though

Daedala - Of course you are right. Banning hand cream and all other forms of the law enforcement solution, is little more than sticking a few fingers in the dyke. We are in a war not of our choosing with a vile culture that breeds death-worshipping psychotics as a matter of government policy (even so-called "friendly" governments). Sometimes this is for religious ends and sometimes not.

Your best Wired editorial yet. I only wish more people would read this and agree with you.

You get the prize for most defeatist statement of the week.

Now, having said that, terrorism is real (what little is actually not being orchestrated by governments). Terrorism is the last resort tactics used by desperate people who have real, true grievances (usually). Terrorists in this category, utilize "terrorism" (which isn't the proper term) to bring attention to their plight, grievance and / or condition.