House servants were considered the "aristocrats of slavery" (qtd.

When the free burghers were allowed to buy slaves, Van Riebeeck made it a condition that they keep a whip or lash in the house for chastising their slaves.

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The term AUnderground Railroad,@ actually refers to a path along which escaping slaves were passed from farmhouse to storage sheds, from cellars to barns, until they reached safety in the North.

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If there was one thing on the property that may have a direct relation to the slaves of Roedown, it would be a group of five or six trees visible in the pastures from the very top of the hill where the main house stands. These trees, (see picture below) standing tall in the middle of the fields may have been a site where slaves buried their loved ones. The trees stood out simply because there was a significant area of flat land surrounding them. Our group was able to walk over to the trees. Unfortunately, there were no headstones in the area, but there was noticeable unevenness and indentations in the ground. Although it would take a major excavation effort to prove whether the area was indeed a slave burial ground, it was one of the interesting things the group encountered while visiting.

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When looking at Christiana, it is easy to extract the role of Maryland and its slave history from the resistance. On one hand, there is the tale of Edward Gorsuch, who searched two years for his fugitives to return them to an enslaved status. The pursuit could be perceived as one of pride as much as one of principle, nonetheless, Gorsuch used every extent of his constitutional rights to retrieve his property, and was within those rights when he arrived at the house of William Parker on that faithful morning. On the other hand, there is the story of William Parker, and the Gorsuch fugitives. Unlike a Nat Turner or Gabriel Prosser, these men had already made the journey from slavery to freedom, and on many levels were enjoying the fruits of freedom. But their lives as fugitives put them in constant danger, a danger that became all too real when Edward Gorsuch came looking for his slaves on September 11. In the end, these characters, all from the state of Maryland, were willing to die for what they believed was their rights as men. Only one of them ended up paying the ultimate price.

The purpose of this essay is to analyze the effect of slavery in the 13 colonies due to the industrial revolution....

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