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Music is out-spoken and liberal it isn’t something that should be conservative and privatized. Rap gets me excited and just puts me in the zone like nothing can matters. My favorite rap artist is Drake, he has evolved rap in contributing to making his musical very lyrical and not materialistic like many critics describe hip-hop. Artist like Lil Wayne have evolved from past artist like Notorious B.I.G collaborating with more artist to make hit records than just going solo of an album.

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But amidst all this, one really amazing thing has happened. Q-Tip took to Twitter to patiently, gently and compassionately teach Iggy (and whoever else needs a refresher) on the historical and political forces that created and continue to drive hip hop music. Over the course of nearly 40 , he :

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He is best known for his ability to bend words so that they rhyme, his use of melody, and his music having complex rhyme schemes.
-The lyrics in the hip hop/rap and country songs end to weave vivid pictures of emotional portrayals of trials and tribulations.
-Both country and hip hop/rap stars feel the pressures of fame and success, and often use music to express the frustrations that come from that
-Most rappers write about drugs or how somebody close to them have been shot, while country singers talk about how they got drunk or got into a fight about a girl.
-Rap/Hip hop supports criminality and bad behaviors while country is generally more appreciative of little things in life that aren't in harm's way.

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I believe Hip-Hop & Rap music is misunderstood. Every since the genre of r&b evolved to rap there has been negative criticism over the culture and use of language and images that are categorized as inappropriate. I enjoy listening to this genre of music and at time I don’t even think about what the lyrics really mean, but as when I listen closely the lyrics can be considered offensive but to me it’s an expression on thought and music is an expression on how an artist feels. Sometimes rap music puts you in the right place.

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The downside is that hip-hop uses words that many people find offensive and disrespectful. I believe that many painting in museums can be considered offensive but most people called that art. I believe that music is a form of art but most want to say its garbage. Everyone needs to just give hip-hop/rap a chance it’s an expression of words in people’s lives. I believe music is a freedom of someone to express themselves. All music has controversial lyrics but I feel like rap gets too much hate people that it’s so negative. Money is why rap is how it is and less money isn’t going to change that.

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I believe hip-hop appeals to people that grew around it, however others is like making an adjustment that they aren’t ready for. Hip-Hop music appeals to women, men, and even children in some aspects because there is an artist that everyone can relate too and the diversity of hip-hop is crazy so it diffidently isn’t centralized as only for a certain group of people. I believe hip-hop will evolve again because rap expanded from poetry. I believe the future of hip-hop will continue to grow will the addition of new faces like any other transition of a genre of music. The fan base will shrink and expand like usual. I believe the faces of hip-hop have become more responsible and involve in community service work. Artist have also been involve in world issues and made it known the music world of hip-hop respects and appreciates all their supporters. Hip-Hop isn’t going to die out I believe it will evolve into a new era that it going to speak louder than actions and more with words.