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§ 58. In the first place, I shall consider the wrong judgments men make of future good and evil, whereby their desires are misled. For, as to present happiness and misery, when that alone comes into consideration, and the consequences are quite removed, a man never chooses amiss; he knows what best pleases him, and that he actually prefers. Things in their present enjoyment are what they seem: the apparent and real good are, in this case, always the same. For the pain or pleasure being just so great, and no greater than it is felt, the present good or evil is really so much as it appears. And therefore, were every action of ours concluded within itself, and drew no consequences after it, we should undoubtedly never err in our choice of good; we should always infallibly prefer the best. Were the pains of honest industry, and of starving with hunger and cold, set together before us, nobody would be in doubt which to choose; were the satisfaction of a lust, and the joys of heaven offered at once to any one’s present possession, he would not balance, or err in the determination of his choice.

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Consider larger heavenly bodies like the Sun with respect to smaller ones like Earth

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Now the first letter is one that he wrote , on the subject of Natural Philosophy; the second is one that he wrote , which is about the Heavenly Bodies; the third is addressed , in which there are discussions about how to live.

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Consider larger heavenly bodies like the Sun with respect to smaller ones like Earth. With respect to a larger body, a smaller one has a similar relationship at a closer distance, than two large ones, like the Sun and a gas giant where having a greater mutual distance.

Some say that it descended upon the human race through the influence of the heavenly bodies, ..
the Earth, particularly when referenced along with other heavenly bodies

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§ 16. This was evidently the case of all gentilism; nor hath even amongst jews, christians, and mahometans, who acknowledge but one God, this doctrine, and the care taken in those nations to teach men to have true notions of a God, prevailed so far, as to make men to have the same and the true ideas of him. How many, even amongst us, will be found, upon inquiry, to fancy him in the shape of a man sitting in heaven, and to have many other absurd and unfit conceptions of him? Christians, as well as Turks, have had whole sects owning and contending earnestly for it, and that the deity was corporeal, and of human shape: and though we find few among us who profess themselves Anthropomorphites, (though some I have met with that own it) yet, I believe, he that will make it his business, may find, amongst the ignorant and uninstructed christians, many of that opinion. Talk but with country people, almost of any age, or young people of almost any condition; and you shall find, that though the name of God be frequently in their mouths, yet the notions they apply this name to are so odd, low, and pitiful, that nobody can imagine they were taught by a rational man, much less that they were characters written by the finger of God himself. Nor do I see how it derogates more from the goodness of God, that he has given us minds unfurnished with these ideas of himself, than that he hath sent us into the world with bodies unclothed, and that there is no art or skill born with us: for, being fitted with faculties to attain these, it is want of industry and consideration in us, and not of bounty in him, if we have them not. It is as certain that there is a God, as that the opposite angles, made by the intersection of two straight lines, are equal. There was never any rational creature, that set himself sincerely to examine the truth of these propositions, that could fail to assent to them; though yet it be past doubt that there are many men, who, having not applied their thoughts that way, are ignorant both of the one and the other. If any one think fit to call this (which is the utmost of its extent) universal consent, such an one I easily allow; but such an universal consent as this proves not the idea of God, any more than it does the idea of such angels, innate.

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The connection between the heavenly bodies and humans is thus not one which is, according to current standards, scientifically explainable. The analogous—and this means: simultaneous—connection between the heavenly bodies and humans is not explained through physical effects, such as light or gravitation, but rather through "living powers" which are at work in the whole cosmos, but with which we only come into contact by way of our psyche.

But here we have arrived at the ancient astrology once again. In ancient times the belief in a "world soul" went without saying. This world soul, which filled the entire cosmos and enveloped every particular thing, was able to explain the connection of the human being with the most distant cosmic occurrences. Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton still believed in an "anima mundi," a world soul, which could explain astrological and magical events.

We thus see that psychological astrology in fact begins with experiences from the praxis of psychology but, from these, draws religious conclusions. In this respect, it is very close to esoteric astrology. It is therefore also no wonder that the two are often not distinguished at all in modern astrology. In the framework of the esoteric and many new religious movements, the two schools can often hardly be separated. To many followers, it also seems to be quite unimportant which explanations are behind astrology. For the most part, an interest in psychological insights and self-knowledge stand in the foreground. The question of the explanation for astrology is answered by many interested parties by, usually only very indefinitely and generally, ascribing it to either a spirituality or to the natural sciences [57].

In the German-speaking world, but also in other countries, there is, in the meantime, a multitude of astrology schools which view their task mainly in the psycho-diagnostic direction. Nevertheless, no unambiguous classification can be made here. Some schools, like ASTRODATA in Zurich, quite consciously impart esoteric subject matter as well, such as, for example, in the "karmic horoscope analysis." Others specialize in astrological healing or economic diagnoses. It can, however, be said that the psycho-diagnostic interests in astrology account for the largest portion of modern astrology.

One might think the atmosphere was made transparent with this design, to give man, in the heavenly bodies, the perpetual presence of the sublime.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if in Heaven our resurrected bodies were a hybrid of various stages of life here on earth? How about this combination: our bodies have the experience and understanding of, say, a 70-year-old. But we also have the mental sharpness, focus, and drive of a 45-year-old. Finally, our heavenly bodies have the same physical strength and good looks we had when we were 20. Wouldn’t that be great? We’d be young and strong and handsome, but with the knowledge and experience that normally takes a lifetime to accumulate. That would be wonderful.