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Weinbaum & Sam Moskowitz "A Martian Odyssey" [Lancer, 1962; as "A Martian Odyssey and Other Science Fiction Tales", Hyperion, 1974]: paperback story collection: "The Adaptive Ultimate" (under pseudonym John Jessel), "The Brink of Infinity", "The Lotus Eaters", "A Martian Odyssey", "Proteus Island", essay by Sam Moskowitz: "The Wonders of Weinbaum" 1974 edition also has Sam Moskowitz essay "Dawn of Fame: The Career of Stanley G.

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If you want to see Tolkien exploring the realm of Faerie in fiction, read Smith of Wootton Major—an odd little story, but full of the power of the otherworld.

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Tristan Stone explores how Tolkien’s essay on Fairy Stories and his notions of sub-creation and mythopoeia help solve some of the problems of metaphysical language.

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One of the ways to enter into or experience Faërie was to read stories about aventures that occured there when humans entered that Otherworld. In Tolkien's scholarly writings, he focuses on examples such as the Fairy Queen of Spenser, Annvwyn in Welsh legends like the Mabinogion, the Land of the Ever-Young (Tir-na-nOg) in Irish legend, and so forth.

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Tolkien, "On Fairy Stories", in "Tree and Leaf", [London: 1964, New York: 1965] they came from outer spaceThe actual title "Aliens on Earth" was first used by John Tayne, as a nonfiction article, in "Authentic Science Fiction" #55, March 1955 -- but this subgenre has long been a popular one.

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The Faerie Queens ~ In Magic, Myth and Legend. A collection of essays exploring the role of the female rulers of the faerie kingdoms throughout European Folklore.

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In this essay, Tolkien offers his understanding of Faerie and faerie stories, and he provides a foundational approach to fantasy for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
If you find the essay heavy-going, don’t be discouraged.