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As explained in my essay onfor government employees,there are two problems with using the Bill of Rights in theU.S. Constitution as a source of law to protect employees:

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A typical whistle-blower statute (e.g., 5 USC § 1213)is designed to protect employees who report:While such statutes serve an important and vital purpose, the topic of thisessay is limited to discussing freedom of learned professionals,specifically the right of a professional to object to– and to refuse to do – an ethical act.

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In two of the U.S. Supreme Court cases discussed in my essay onof government employees, the conflict between management and anindividual's ethical obligation resulted in terminationof the individual's employment.
1. Myers' controversy grew out of Connick's decisionto transfer Myers to another section of court,where Myers believed she could have a conflict of interest,in violation of fundamental obligations of an attorney.

Two cases discussed in my essay onshowed the particular problems of learned professionals who are employeesof the government:

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In total, 4.1% of the U.S population is on welfare, accumulating a total of $131.9 billion total government spending on just welfare alone, that’s not including food stamps or unemployment.

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“There is no system of unemployment or welfare benefits” It is an undeniable fact that the Philippines compared to its richer counterparts (a comparison that explicitly shows our country’s long journey to prosperity) lacks a system of social benefits, even though its people deserve one....

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The current Welfare Reform is failing due to Political indulgence in statistics, focusing on the percentage of individuals attaining employment instead of the quality of employee and employment.

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The object of CEPA is not to make lawyers out ofconscientious employees but rather to prevent retaliation againstthose employees who object to employer conduct that they reasonablybelieve to be unlawful or indisputably dangerous to thepublic health, safety or welfare.

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Welfare in the United States refers to a federal welfare program that has been put into place to benefit unemployed people or just your average lower class person....

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In this essay, I do cite the cases in which a companyterminated an employee who chose to follow high ethical principles,and in which the company was able to escape legal liabilityfor that termination by using the doctrine of "at-will employment".

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There is no need to cite those cases, because:Because of my intentional lack of citations in this essayto the mainstream law of at-will employment,a reader might obtain the mistaken impression that the law in this essayis mainstream law.