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Organized crime as one of the global phenomenon might be one of the state threat to its sovereignty due to it’s complex of nature and the influence to nearly all areas of the country such as the economy, politics and security sectors, and in turn it also may threaten the stability of some particular countries ....

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Encompassing the Mafia as an opponent the 1950’s, organized crime came to the forefront because of the high-profile of political ramifications concerning the wealth of those involved in organized crime started during the prohibition era (A History of Organized Crime, 2008) The menace to individual sanctuary on a personal level , transnational crime stops the cultural development of societies internationally.

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The extensive effects of globalisation, world political and economic shifts, technological advances, security challenges and the implications of climate change, have all served to influence the crime environment and make the job of policing the community more challenging than ever before (Keelty 2007)....

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Soapbox: Radio commentator Paul Harvey penned an essay entitled 'If I Were the Devil.'

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