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The key challenge has been the lack of consensus on the state and its political system and degree of decentralization. International intervention has substantially advanced governance and weakened the discriminatory polices in both entities, particularly in the RS toward other nations, but also created a dependence of the political system on further external assistance. The confrontation with the past, in particular with war crimes committed during the 1992-95 war remains driven largely by external actors. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has sentenced a number of leading Bosnian Serb commanders for war crimes and genocide in Srebrenica. Although the RS government recognized the mass murder of Muslims in Srebrenica following a detailed report commissioned by the government under international pressure, in political discourse war crimes are often down-played or denied and war criminals are glorified. This has been fueled by the perception that few non-Serbs have been sentenced for crimes against Serbs by the ICTY (Subotić 2009: 159-160).

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Indeed, many experts agreed that the new plan was a recognition of the Bosnian status quo, freezing the territorial outcome of 14 months of civil war and emboldening Serb and Croat nationalists in their alleged aim of partitioning Bosnia at the expense of the Muslim population. UN workers on the ground, including the UN aid chief in Bosnia, Jose-Maria Mendiluce, expressed fears that the designated zones would become ghettos, vulnerable to disease and totally dependent on indefinite UN food aid. With hostile Serbs and Croats surrounding the towns, there was no guarantee aid would even get through.

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NATO Secretary-General Manfred Woerner stated that it applied only to the safe areas, but Warren Christopher intimated that all of Bosnia would be covered.

At best, there has been a recognition that the war could not be allowed to spill over Bosnia's borders.

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On 9 August, a list of military targets was approved and NATO warned the Bosnian Serbs to lift the siege against Sarajevo "without delay." As usual, the Serbs did just enough to reduce the immediate threat of intervention.

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In light of these events, and the chronic shortfall in aid pledges from international donors, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees stated in Geneva on 8 July that "we are on the verge of disaster and collapse." Stoltenberg suggested less than a week later that if "the present downward spiral continues it will be impossible for the UN to remain in Bosnia."

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The French in particular were leaning towards a more active role, although they increasingly viewed the Bosnia crisis as too big for the EC to handle alone.

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Because, as Van Creveld notes, the radius of trust withintribal societies is narrowed to one's immediate family andguerrilla comrades, truces arranged with one Bosnian commander,say, may be broken immediately by another Bosnian commander. Theplethora of short-lived ceasefires in the Balkans and theCaucasus constitute proof that we are no longer in a world wherethe old rules of state warfare apply. More evidence is providedby the destruction of medieval monuments in the Croatian port ofDubrovnik: when cultures, rather than states, fight, thencultural and religious monuments are weapons of war, making themfair game.

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Owen proclaimed that "the greatest danger facing Bosnia-Hercegovina now is fragmentation, anarchy, warlords and chaos, and it's not that far away."