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Oh sure, some people think authoritarian and permissive parents deserve what they get when their children choose to parent the grandchildren with the authoritative style. These parents and grandparents need tools for conversation about the decision to “do it differently.”

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Parenting styles have been researched for many years and as research has developed it has become clear that the style of parenting employed could impact on children’s development. Although many different types of parenting style have been reviewed the main body of research regarding parent style aligns with the three styles defined by Baumrind (1978), authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Authoritarian parents are defined as strict, expecting obedience and using punishment when children misbehave. They are not warm or responsive to the child’s need and discourage independence. Permissive parents are defined as having little control, rarely punishing or restricting the child and often allowing the child to make their own decision. Authoritative parents are defined as being warm and responsive whilst still recognising adult and child differences resulting in setting clear boundaries. Child development is a vase area of research and as a result this essay will focus on one area of child development, academic achievement with the research evaluated containing children and adolescence participants.

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In this essay, I’m going to discuss an interview that I have done with two parents about their child, and I will link it to multiple theories or subjects that are related to child development, so you can deal with your own child in an appropriate way.

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Whilst there has been a wide range of research suggesting authoritarian parenting style has a detrimental effect on academic achievement there has also been research to suggest that authoritative parenting and academic achievement have a positive relationship. Baumrind (1967) reviewed this relationship within a longitudinal study of pre-school children and found that authoritative parenting style was more likely to result in children being academically successful when they transitioned into school. Although this study gave good support to the suggestion that authoritative parenting has a positive effect on academic achievement the research is now quite old and therefore finding may no longer be applicable. However Lamborn, Mounts, Steinberg & Dornbusch, (1991) reviewed a very large sample of ninth to twelfth grade students in the US and replicated the finding that adolescence of authoritative parents had higher academic competence. Although as this study is cross-section it does not allow only further relationships to be concluded. Chan & Koo, (2011) conducted a recent longitudinal study reviewing UK fifteen year olds and concluded that authoritative parenting is associated with better GCSE results. This study provides good support that authoritarian parenting has a positive of effect on academic achievement. There have been several suggestions as to why authoritative parenting style has been found to be more beneficial in relation to academic achievement. Steinberg, Elmen & Mounts (1989), suggested that the constructs warmth and control within authoritative parenting allowed children to develop a greater "psychosocial maturity" which allowed increased engagement in school resulting in improved grades. Durkin (1995) suggested three reasons as to why authoritative parenting may lead to higher academic achievement; firstly as children with authoritative parent have a high level of emotional security this helps provide independence and comfort which facilitates them to succeed academically. Secondly this parenting style helps children understand parent’s goals and morals through explanation which provide children with the ability to succeed. Finally the bidirectional communication observed in authoritative parenting helps to developed interpersonal skills which help children succeed academically.

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The best-adjusted children, researchers have found, often have parents with an Authoritative style. Both the Authoritarian and the Authoritative parents have high expectations for their children, but the Authoritative parent encourages more freedom of expression. So the child more likely develops a sense of independence. Such kids tend to develop into more competent adults than children brought up in the other styles.

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My DIL punishes her parents who were authoritarian, by insisting on permissive style while having recruited her parents to provide most hands on care. It is very difficult for them to deal with the extreme and the “brats” that have been tacitly taught disrespect.