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However, other people believe that a teacher’s primary role is to pass on knowledge.What do you think is the role of a teacher?

Fewer schools are requiring children to learn and improve their hand writing skills.Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this trend?
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But there still can be defined certain advantages and disadvantages I will examine Epoch Times International newspaper The article for comparison deals with.

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Some people think that children should start learning a foreign language at primary school, while others think children should begin in secondary school.Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The gap between education in richer countries and education in poorer countries is a growing concern.What solutions can you suggest to deal with this situation?
Some schools are very strict about their school uniforms and the appearance of their pupils, while other schools have a very relaxed dress code.What are the advantages and disadvantages of children of having a school uniform?
In some high schools, part of the curriculum requires students to participate in community work such as helping the elderly or disabled.In what way do children benefit from this?Do you think it should be part of the curriculum?
The best way to help underachieving pupils is to have compulsory after school activities which they must attend.

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