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Drunkenness, however, became Chandler's personal nemesis. "At the annual oil and gas banquets of 1,000 rollicking oil men at the Biltmore," said one Dabney executive, "Chandler was a shadowy figure, stinko drunk and hovering in the wings with a bevy of showgirls, a nuisance." 4 He began to disappear from work, took up with a secretary and eventually threatened suicide. In 1932, the cellar of the Depression, Chandler was fired. He was forty-four, with a sixty-two-year-old wife and a drinking problem. Fleeing to Seattle, he lived with army buddies, and then "wandering up and down the Pacific Coast, I began to read pulp magazines," he wrote: "This was in the great days of Black Mask and it struck me that some of the writing was pretty forceful and honest, even though it had its crude aspect. I decided that this might be a good way to try to learn to write fiction and get paid a small amount of money at the same time." 5

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My of Bjørn Lomborg’s had all sorts of people upset.

“Dutton’s eloquent account sheds light on the role art plays in our lives ... uniformly insightful and penetrating,” says the New York Times.

As for writing badly, well, yes, that can be learned too. Here’s a .

Denis Dutton “combines a magisterial command of the history of aesthetics back to Plato and Aristotle, a total commitment to clarity and verve in writing, and an up-to-the-minute grasp of almost every trend on the contemporary cultural scene. Result? A philosophy of art for the ages,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Arnold Krupat’s treatise, , on the other hand, is just about the as a systematic account of how indigenous arts and literatures should be regarded. Awful.

Here is something quite intriguing: .

Joseph Carroll is a literary critic who can use Darwin to produce some of the most penetrating insights you’ll find in scholarship. Read about his .

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By 1945 Chandler was earning enough that he paid $50,000 in income tax. 15 It was also the year that Alan Ladd, Paramount's star, was due to enter the service, and the studio wanted him to star in a big movie before he left. Chandler, paid $1,000 a week for 26-weeks a year on his new, three-year contract, was to write the story, and in less than two weeks he did. But turning it into a production script was different. Director George Marshall and producer John Houseman grew nervous because Ladd was leaving in ten days. Chandler was called in and offered a $5,000 bonus to accelerate; he considered this a "bribe" and almost quit, but he didn't want to put English public school compatriot Houseman on the spot. 16

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of the concept of tribal or so-called primitive art appeared a few years ago in the Oxford .

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Miriam Cosic, Arts section editor of , asked for a piece developing some of the ideas in John Brockman’s answer. What I came up with can be read .