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Luckily, we can train our listening just as with any other skill. Listen to new music when jogging rather than familiar tunes. Listen to your dog’s whines and barks: he is trying to tell you something isn’t right. Listen to your significant other’s voice — not only to the words, which after a few years may repeat, but to the sounds under them, the emotions carried in the harmonics. You may save yourself a couple of fights.

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Hearing, in short, is easy. You and every other vertebrate that hasn’t suffered some genetic, developmental or environmental accident have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years. It’s your life line, your alarm system, your way to escape danger and pass on your genes. But listening, really listening, is hard when potential distractions are leaping into your ears every fifty-thousandth of a second — and pathways in your brain are just waiting to interrupt your focus to warn you of any potential dangers.

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of the Referential Listener, and use the attributes listed to analyze the selection.).

Finally, indicate what musical “concept” is illustrated by the selection (e.g. musical idea, ensemble, solo performer,

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Do you have a friend who loves you ? Well , I do . His name was Tan . He was a very close friend of mine . He was almost like family to me . He invited me to played football every week-end . We had a lot of fun at that time . when I had problem . He always listened and helped me anything . Sometime we had relax-time at the coffee shop .
Last Spring that all changed . When I moved in United State America . We could not to saw , Played football , listened music …. But our friendship ever for ever .

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Our love for music has remained constant through the evolution of time. It has been an integral part of our lives throughout the centuries and even today. Music brings people from different cultures together. The genres of music are myriad as the cultures in the entire world. Music is often said to be a state of the mind. Technically, the world never is numbingly quiet, even in the remotest part of the world. Sounds of various patterns that follow a rhythm strike the human auditory senses as “music”. Even the daily din of a busy city has got a rhythm of its own, to listen to which all you need is an empty mind and a keen sense to catch the pulse.

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In the recent times, music has been much studied about, seeking to find the answer to a few cardinal questions. Why do we feel euphoric when we listen to our favorite song? How does music relieve us from the tiredness and boredom of our daily chores? Can music heal? The answers to all these are no longer beyond comprehension. Studies on music have yielded a lot of insight on the effects of music on the human psyche. The depressed, the mentally disturbed, people suffering from insomnia among others are the ones who can really be benefited by music. can as well benefit from music. In fact, there has been a considerable experiment on the effects music has on students. The beauty of music lies in its subtle way of getting into our motor system, becoming irresistible and often, arresting our attention; that is to say the tunes that we begin to hum when we hear music, or the foot-tapping that the brain semi-consciously resonates. Light soulful music relieves us, ups our mood and makes us hearty. It is a great stress-buster.