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If a person can tell me the idea in twenty-five words or less, its going to make a pretty good movie.” Steven Spielberg.’ For this essay I intend to discuss how Hollywood as an industry has used the marketing strategies of blockbuster films to significant advantage in film merchandising.

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They (Hollywood), then designed a Studio System called Classic Hollywood Cinema to Finance, Organize, Produce, Market, Distribute, and Exhibit movies for financial gain while entertaining movie goers....

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Whatever the reason, a contributing factor to the variety of movie produced in Hollywood can trace itself to liberal and socially progressive movie making....

The Hollywood movie industry has become one of the most successful industries in the United States....
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In November, Olivia Munn was one of six women who accused director Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct in a story in the (Ratner disputes the claims). Now, Munn has penned an essay for about the pervasive problem facing Hollywood and other industries—and how to begin the long process of fixing it.

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Indeed, they're going to Los Angeles but probably not to Hollywood itself. Though Hollywood has long represented the glitz and glamour of the film, television, and music industries, most studios have moved away from this quirky district in favor of other L.A. neighborhoods, like Burbank.

As this video essay reveals, Hollywood has been casting white actors in Asian roles for decades

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