essay on how to help poor and needy people

We strongly support charitable giving - even 10% or more (if you can afford it) to organizations that need it, deserve it and help people in a tangible way. Many people feel a need to still pay tithing, even if they are no longer members of the LDS Church. Those former members might consider paying their tithing to reputable charities that distribute their money to the poor and needy or look for cures to diseases and the like. God knows you paid money to these organizations - even without a tithing settlement.

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Essay on how to help poor and needy people

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We would recommend that the church give more money to the poor and needy (both inside and outside of the church) without expecting anything in return from the members. Also build enough meetinghouses so the members can use the buildings during reasonably desirable times. The church should raise the ward budgets so the members can actually use more of the money that they donated on a local level and bring back some of the fun activities like 'Road Shows'. The church should employ custodians again and give those jobs to people in the ward that really need them. The church should continue the good work it does with employment offices and expand them as they are able. The humanitarian funds, missionary funds, etc. should all be covered by the tithing receipts which are more than enough to completely cover them many times over. The church should keep enough funds invested to keep it sound, but billions and billions invested into businesses, when it could be helping others, is probably not really the way Jesus would have intended his church to be run, in our opinion.

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Prayer helps us to see as God sees. Fasting frees us. We are given more time, more energy, more resources. "All year we tolerate the intolerable: that there are adults and children without nourishment, sick and elderly people and prisoners without visitors, refugees without homes. The gospel we believed shapes a church that gives alms of every kind: bread for the hungry, time for the lonely, energy to change systems that oppress and torture and kill people. Freed by our fasting and formed by our prayer, we have alms to give during Lent. Lent is not to make up for our sins but to battle with evil, with sin. It is not to be gotten over with, but to shape the church into the kingdom of God. That's why we do it gladly." () We have already suggested that the proceeds of our self-denial might be directed to helping the needy. True almsgiving goes beyond sharing our surplus and is not an alternative method of raising funds to support the institutional church. True self-denial trusts God to fill our needs and does not count the cost of helping those in need. From assisting a needy person or family in our own community to contributing to agencies that minister to the poor, the sick, and victims of disaster and war, we have many opportunities for almsgiving. Furthermore, as Isaiah suggests, our fasting, self-denial, and almsgiving should not be limited to sharing our bread.

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