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Many organizational researchers have recently called for more focus on the role of emotions at work.
In the last decade, we have been witness to a particular growing body of research regarding the importance of emotional intelligence for successful leadership.

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Batool, B. F. (2013) Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 4(3), 84-94. (Note: Available in the Strayer Library)

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2. Suggest two to three (2-3) reasons why leaders’ need emotional intelligence to manage today’s workforce. Speculate on at least two (2) possible consequences should a leader not possess emotional intelligence.
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Satisfactorily explored the elements of emotional intelligence that leaders must be aware of to increase leadership effectiveness.

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The attached papar is my two cents worth on emotional intelligence and leadership. I am working on my Masters of Arts in Management and it seemed like a good topic for a research paper for my first semester. I came across your web site during the research and decided to send the paper as you requested.

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The first question tried to find "what aspects of [emotional intelligence] differentiate those leaders who are in agreement with others concerning their transformational leadership qualities from those who are not in agreement" (p.

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The purpose of this paper is to explore several leadership behaviors, specifically emotional intelligence, and how they can be applied in both my personal and professional lives....

The results of the study provided empirical support for emotional intelligence being the foundation of other aspects of leadership.

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This is followed by a discussion of how the aspects of emotional intelligence affect a leader’s ability to make good decisions and how emotional intelligence is integral to Stephen Covey’s seven habits of highly successful people and Warren Bennis’ beliefs on what leadership is.

Megerian (1999) looked at the self-awareness component of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership.

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Three of the most important aspects of emotional intelligence for a leader’s ability to make effective decisions are self-awareness, communication and influence, and commitment and integrity.

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Managers reported their assessment of their emotional intelligence and leadership behavior; the subordinates reported their view of their manager’s transformational leadership behavior and performance outcomes; and each manager’s superior rated managerial performance.