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About the learning we care most about?Over the past several years, Carnegie Senior Scholar Lloyd Bond—a psychometrician with a long list of credentials in educational measurement—has produced a collection of short essays designed to demystify assessment and open up discussion in fresh ways.

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Among the characteristics of good AAs are the following: (Custer 1994; Rudner and Boston 1994):

Engaging, meaningful, worthy problems or tasks that match the content and outcomes of instruction

Real-life applicability

Multistaged-demonstrations of knowing, knowing why, and knowing how

Emphasis on product and process, conveying that both development and achievement matter

Rich, multidimensional, varied formats, both on-demand (in-class essays) and cumulative (portfolios)

Opportunities for learner self-evaluation

Cognitive complexity-requiring higher order thinking skills

Clear, concise, and openly communicated standards

Fairness in scoring procedures and their application

To ensure that assessment and instruction are linked, they should be planned at the same time.

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The following are some tools used in authentic assessment (Custer 1994; Lazar and Bean 1991; Reif 1995; Rudner and Boston 1994): checklists (of learner goals, writing/reading progress, writing/reading fluency, learning contracts, etc.); simulations; essays and other writing samples; demonstrations or performances; intake and progress interviews; oral presentations; informal and formal observations by instructors, peers, and others; self-assessments; and constructed-response questions.

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