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1) What happens in the poem? Think about what happens in the beginning, the middle and the end.
I think the story is about a highwayman who goes to visit an Inn where he loves the landlord’s daughter called Bess and then it tells the tale of what happens to them. She dies trying to warn him that he will be killed if he comes to take her away. The ending has a bit of a mystery and it makes us believe there might be the ghosts of The Highwayman and Bess.

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Using the poems from the relationships cluster of the AQA anthology.

1) What happens in the poem? Think about what happens in the beginning, the middle and the end.
The Highwayman meets Bess, meanwhile Tim overhears them and tells the king’s guards. Then they come and tie Bess up. When the Highway man came back, Bess killed herself before the Highwayman did and then the Highway man gets killed on the highway.

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I am going to be comparing two poems in this essay the first poem is London fete which was written by a man called Coventry Patmore this poem is about a hanging that took place and about the effect it had on other people who watched.

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In the poem "The Highwayman," how did Bess warn The Highwayman about the trap? she sang a song loudly she rode out to meet him

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1)At the beginning of The Highway poem the guards break into the Inn because they want to take Bess and lock her away. She was very scared and killed herself! The Highwayman dies in the road when he heard about it!

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From the time we're little tiny kids, we hear stories about cops and robbers. If you ever watched a movie or read a book about Robin Hood, you basically know the set-up for "The Highwayman." We all know we're supposed to be good and follow the rules, but all secretly love to root for an outlaw, especially one who's standing up to evil. This poem is another version of that old story, but it's all wrapped up in a short, exciting package.

Noyes believed in making poetry that was accessible, gripping, and memorable. In our opinion, he did a pretty good job with "The Highwayman." Not only does he tell a riveting story, filled with action and blood and betrayal, but he also weaves it all into a great love plot. This isn't murky, dusty old poetry. It's a lot more like a summer blockbuster, with likable characters, great images, and a whole range of scenes from action to romance. In other words, this is a fast, fun poem with a little something for everyone.

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