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Orwell's essay picks out the essence of what a pub is about, says founder Tim Martin, and is "very similar" to what the chain is trying to create, although he admits that the writer might not have been impressed by some examples.

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THIS essay examines the idea of tolerance in our advanced industrial society

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On the subject of the liberty of the press, as much hasbeen said, I cannot forbear adding a remark or two: Inthe first place, I observe that there is not a syllable concerningit in the constitution of this state, and in the next,I contend that whatever has been said about it in that ofany other state, amounts to nothing. What signifies a declarationthat "the liberty of the press shall be inviolablypreserved?" What is the liberty of the press? Who can giveit any definition which would not leave the utmost latitudefor evasion? I hold it to be impracticable; and from this, Iinfer, that its security, whatever fine declarations may beinserted in any constitution respecting it, must altogetherdepend on public opinion, and on the general spirit of thepeople and of the government. And here, after all, asintimated upon another occasion, must we seek for theonly solid basis of all our rights.

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"There's a real mix of people that go there; you have the old locals drinking alongside students because the pub is opposite the university. And a lot of young professionals have started drinking there having heard about it through the local campaign to save it.

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Pub names are used to identify and differentiate pubs in the United Kingdom

They plan for and worry about the future

A collection of guides to beer pubs, bars, beer halls, beer gardens and breweries in Europe

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