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There are many types of tests available to teens. The tests your teens need to take will depend on their post high school goals. For more information about College Testing, look at the resources below:

And this list is far away of being complete!

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High School Equivalency tests are designed to evaluate whether an individual who has not graduated from high school has achieved knowledge typically acquired in high school. Because these tests are primarily taken by high school dropouts, they continue to carry a stigma. If your student has finished the high school program you designed for him, he deserves to be awarded a homeschool diploma. Should colleges or employers require your graduate to take the GED, HiSET, or TASC, please or call HSLDA for assistance.

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DSST, previously known as the Dantes Subject Standardized Tests, has over 38 examinations in college subjects. These tests were originally designed for military service personnel, but they are now available to the general public. Similar to CLEP tests, the DSST can engender college credit based on the scores of the test. More information is available at the following websites.

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The program offers students access to free online courses that prepare them to take CLEP tests. Modern States also provides vouchers to cover the CLEP test fees to those students who complete the online courses.

Upper Level Independent School Entrance Exam ISEE Test

Check out the for information regarding how to receive college credit for what your child already knows. CLEP registration, preparation, and exam descriptions and the benefits of CLEP testing are explained in detail on the website.

Taking the Upper Level Independent School Entrance Test

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For more information on which high school equivalency test is used by your state, .

Primary Level 4 (entering Grade 4)

In addition to completing the course work or studying the subject material on their own, students desiring to take an Advanced Placement test would be wise to use test preparation materials. A list of AP test preparation materials is provided on the , along with comprehensive details regarding registering, preparing for, and reasons for considering AP courses. If a student scores high enough on the AP test, he can receive college credit in that subject area depending on the policy at the institution he is attending. Each college determines the minimum score necessary on each AP test to earn credit and usually posts this information on its website.

For more details on whether your state is involved in these changes, .

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The ISEE is available in both online and paper testing formats. Format availability varies by level and test location. Both modalities have the same number of questions, the same timing, and the same opportunity for students to change their answers within a test section.

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