Well then, why do English speakers need all these verb forms.

It is therefore necessary to consider the historical events to grasp the coherence of the present situation regarding the English speaking nations of the world.

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Write about your opinions to which interest you.

Whether you are in your home country or in the UK, you may want to find an English-speaking friend to write to (perhaps someone with similar interests or who is interested in your culture).

Free english speech papers, essays, and research papers.

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The most common languages learnt by British people are French, German, Spanish and Italian (in that order), so it may be easier for people speaking these languages to find an English language partner.

Another useful website is My Language Exchange:

For languages which are less commonly taught in the UK, you may be able to find an exchange partner by attending a social event attended by British people who are interested in your culture (see: ), visiting a website for people who are interested in your culture, or by contacting a place (in your country or in the UK) where your language is taught to British people.

Many people enjoy sending an receiving e-mail, especially if they share a common interest.

Once a parent informs a school that a the child speaks another language other than English, a “Home Language Survey” is administered.
Therefore, it is necessary for all students to learn to write and speak Standard English effectively.

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In school, the only time when English is used is during English lessons. That certainly is not enough. So wherever possible I speak English with some friends and teachers who will or can speak English with me.

Originally a language used for trade, Hawaii’s dependence on English-speaking countries transformed pidgin into Creole.

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29/11/2008 · Millions of people every year move to English- speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.

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