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American English (and most other varieties of English) has on each syllable of a word, primarystress, secondary stress, or no stress. Only one syllable in the word can haveprimary stress, and this is the syllable that is pronounced with the greatestintensity or loudness. The other syllables can have either secondary stress orno stress. An example is the word “”, pronounced .This word has 8 syllables, divided with hyphens as .It has one syllable with primary stress, , marked with bold and underline in the dictionaryspelling and with before it in the IPA. It hasthree syllables with secondary stress, syllables 1, 3, and 7, marked with boldin the dictionary spelling and with before themin the IPA, and four with no stress, syllables 2, 4, 6, and 8. As is true withmany words in English, especially long ones, every other syllable is weak(unstressed).

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The interesting point isthat this is actually a statusaccent here, although regarded as a “hillbilly” accent in the East. When Imoved to Texas 30 years ago and decided to adopt a slightly more local “voice”in my law practice, this was the accent I adopted -- it was the dialect of thesenior lawyers and judges, oil men, and others with whom I wanted tocommunicate. Many of them came from wealthier ranching families in centralTexas and settled in Houston as the first post-war generation of professionalsand white-collar business people. I suspect this is a somewhat dated statusdistinction today, but that dialect still tends to receive something similar tothe automatic credence which an educated English accent used to get in thenortheast.

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In Thailand, English is necessary in all levels of education because Ministry of Education specifies English as a compulsory subject in The Basic Education Course, which every student have to learn English form Grade 1 onwards in order to have four language skills (Wonglekha & Khamkhien, 2010).

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