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Furthermore, unlike the emergency room nurses seen on TV, you can't simply step into the role of an E.R. professional after a quick scene reading and an hour in the makeup chair. The typical E.R. nurse has earned an RN certification and completed at least a year of on-the-job experience; dealing with doctors and patients in a fast-paced, breakneck setting.

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Emergency room nurses are among the most trusted and needed professionals in the health care field. If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of both doctors and patients, check out a career in emergency room nursing today!

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However, Emergency Nurses, are a specialty that spansall others focusing on the time and criticality aspects, as the nurse who first cares forthe sudden emergency must be as capable of caring for cancer patients as trauma patients,and of providing "ambulatory care" for lesser or outpatient problems, which havecaused a temporary crisis or need for urgent medical care.

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Here is how our emergency department is laid out. Station 1 has a central desk with four trauma bays. Trauma 1 and 2 have two beds in each bay. Trauma 3 and 4 have one bed in each bay. The most critical care traumas usually go to Trauma 3 and 4. Also attached to Station 1 is our critical care pod. That has four beds in it. Adjacent to that is our psychiatric area where we fit eight beds close together. Station 2 is down the hallway from Station 1. Station 2 has a central nurse desk surrounded by eight beds that are in line of sight. Station 4 is the end of the hallway after Station 2. It opens up to a large room with a central desk with eight beds surrounding a wide U-shaped hallway. Taking the U-shaped hallway of Station 4 all the way around will lead you to the Med Room to the left, Rapid Track, and Station 3 to the right. The Med Room is an open room with recliners typically used to give medications. Rapid Track is a row of chairs in the hallway. Station 3 has multiple “Death Beds,” rooms that are isolated and private rooms with a door, out of line of sight from the nurse’s desk. In my mind, that was the worst place to put any of these traumas, so I told the nurses to not put anybody into those rooms.

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Emergency Room Nurse Resume Samples | JobHeroFind the best Emergency Room Nurse resume samples to help you improve your own Closely monitored E R patients, alerted Physicians/Charge nurse with any Multitasking and prioritizing responsibilities based on patients conditions inEmergency Room Essay Examples | KibinAn Emergency Management Coordinator may have many different roles within working in the ER including Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants and SuEmergency department - WikipediaAn emergency department (ED), also known as an accident & emergency department (A&E), emergency room (ER) or casualty department In most departments, this role is fulfilled by a triage nurse, although dependent on training levels in

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"Trauma Nurse" has alsobeen used to describe the days or weeks of intensive-care nursing of trauma patients inhospital; yet while these are part of the spectrum of care from injury to recovery, ---itis an "Emergency Nurse" who provides the initial care, resuscitation, andmanagement so that the patient, whether ill or injured, is able to survive to the nextphase of his "spectrum of care." [Click for

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If, however, you enjoy an active workplace and thrive under stress, then a job as an emergency room nurse may be ideal for you; particularly when one considers the fact that, as per national average, an e.r. nurse can earn more than $75,000 annually.

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Me too…I have worked in emergency rooms and understand how efficient ER staff can and will be. I am so impressed with their knowledge, kindness and actions…This is a well written and educational article about working together…