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i’m a student in bsc agricultural economics forth level, im interested in doing a research mainly focusing on price changes in the market and how it affects the consumers. can you please help by guiding me on how to go about the topic.

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The Spree watch will be sold for a suggested retail price of $45. We believe that we have product quality and feature advantages, encouraging the use of a price slightly exceeding Swatch. This pricing strategy, coupled with our efficient production methods, aids in achieving our relatively high market share for a new product entry.

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Consumers are reached through five types of outlets.. We currently have access to four of these channels, representing 75 percent of watch sales. Channel development is necessary to reach the total watch market. A majority of branded fashion watches are currently purchased at department stores. We will take advantage of our strong distribution through department, discount, and drug stores to assure widespread availability of Spree watches. Jewelry store channel development will be deferred until we are established in our traditional retail channels.

6. Students can also make market plan to launch a new product or Services for any particular business in the market from KSA.
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Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer