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West.' He sums up the movie perfectly by saying 'Donnie Brasco is about two men who get caught in a conflict of loyalties.' I really did enjoy this movie, especially Al Pacino. I believe this is one of the best movie he has done in a long time. The same can be said of Johnny Depp and his acting. All in all this was a good movie and I give it three roadrunners.

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What we took as a continuity cut within a scene was a hookbetween scenes. A similar effect arises in a transition from Donnie Brasco,pointed out by Jeff Smith. Lefty is headed out of his apartment, knowing he’llbe killed. Cut to a black frame.

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When I was first assigned to see 'Donnie Brasco' I instantly had an image of another ruff and intense mobster movie. It has been a while since Hollywood has attempted to do a mob related movie until now. 'Donnie Brasco' was released last Friday. This movie stars Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. The movie is based on a true story about Joe Pistone and FBI agent who infiltrated the New York mob ring. Johnny Depp

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