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The GCs are not squeamish, but they rarely resort to violence in the public arena; they know that a string of deaths and health "events" threaten to focus attention on their efforts. When the GCs’ minions engage in lethal interventions, either by direct murder or throwing people such as Dennis and letting “nature” take its course, what seems to be more important than killing the target in any particular attempt is making it appear to be something other than premeditated murder. I am not at liberty to publicly disclose details of numerous murder attempts that have been described to me either from the target or secondhand by highly credible associates, but it is not easy to murder somebody and make it look like (, , , , , and the like), and if an attempt initially fails, the assassins will not “” them like more mundane assassins will, such as Mafia hit men, as it removes any doubt that it was premeditated murder. If the target survives the initial attempt, the assassins will withdraw and try again another time, since making it look like something else is more important than achieving success with any one attempt. That is probably why some FE activists have survived numerous murder attempts. Also, a failed attempt can often have the desired effect, as it can frighten or incapacitate the target to the extent that he (almost always a man, not a woman) is no longer a threat in the disruptive technology field, FE most of all, and further action is unnecessary.

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Therefore, it is not fair for the Arab Americans to be considered as public enemy number one since they are not involved in the activities; their brothers out of the states carry out.
Analysis of Lorraine Ali’s “Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One?”
America has quite a unique trend in cultural diversity making its culture non- monolithic but a composite reflection of common cultures that identify with the state.

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I found that if people are candidates for the choir, they are so rare that there will not be anybody in their daily lives who also is. The maximum social circle that most people can manage is a few hundred people, but I am looking for something like 1-in-5,000 (it might be as auspicious as 1-in-1,000, but I have my doubts, and it might be a far smaller proportion) so the odds are that those prospective choir members will not have anybody among their families, friends, and colleagues who can also learn the song and sing it. That is just the reality of the numbers, which took me years of harsh learning to understand. The social-circle approach will not work for what I have in mind, but I am using a new technology with a global reach to find those needles in haystacks. Also, a primary purpose of this essay is to improve those odds. Make no mistake, it is also about the numbers, but it is as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, that he would rather march with one person who understood why they were marching than a hundred who did not. Essentially, Dennis always amassed “armies” that did not really understand or were not aligned with the goal, and mutiny attempts came early and often.

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Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One? Do I Look Like Public Enemy Number One? is Lorraine s Ali s personal account of growing up Arabic in the United

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Also called a "Space Control Ship"