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The Human Rights Council Working Group on Discrimination against Women in flagged the disparate impact of the informalisation of labour on women. The impact is disparate both because of the sheer numbers of women who are in informal employment globally and also because, in addition to vulnerability to lower-than-minimum wages and lack of social security benefits (which is shared with men in informal labour), women are usually deprived of maternity benefits and parental care rights. Furthermore, in some highly feminized employment such as domestic work, women are sometimes excluded by express legislation, entirely or partially, from the protection of labour law.

Discrimination against Women in the Workplace

There are many different ways in which women are discriminated against in the workplace....

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Discrimination in the work place can happen to anyone, and that is why people need to know the laws that protect employees against discrimination, ways employers can prevent discrimination, and the effects of discrimination in the workplace.

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In the workplace, women are frequently subjected to subtle discrimination by both sexes. Qualified women may be passed over for promotions because they become pregnant or because they might become pregnant (gender discrimination.) Jobs may be offered to a less qualified male applicant just because he is male.

Even where women have gained access to the workplace, sex discrimination may persist in other ways.

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Employees who have suffered reprisals for opposing workplace discrimination or for reporting violations to the authorities are also considered to be discriminated against.

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Women are also more likely to be judged by their looks and how they dress than are their male counterparts. On a note of contradiction, women are not only discriminated against for being "pretty" or "provocative" they are also discriminated against for being not pretty enough, too old, or, in some positions (especially sales and ) for not being sexy enough.

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But the council tends to reinforce stereotypical traits like empathy for women and aggression toward men.” Cannon (2012) Sayed (2009) believes that women have fought they way up to accomplish a high position in the workplace.

Thousands of women have suffered from discrimination in workplaces because they are pregnant, disabled, or of the opposite sex.

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Quest Diagnostics and AmeriPath, a subsidiary have been sued in federal court for widespread and systematic discriminatory practices against women. Without admitting guilt, the company agreed to pay $152 million to more than 5,000 current and former female employees. The company also agreed to spend $22.5 million to institute new human resources policies and procedures. (Star Ledger, January 12, 2012)

As a business consultant I have been asked to suggest different methods that can possibly reduce discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.

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In 2011, Walmart dodged a bullet when the that would have held Walmart accountable in a class action suit. The justices ruled that the "women did not share enough in common to qualify as a class in what would have been the largest class action discrimination suit in history." However, individual lawsuits against Walmart continue to be filed. (Huffington Post. January 24, 2012)

38 States in the Union have no laws on record preventing discrimination against gender identity or expression—commonly known as transgender.

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Taller men make more money than shorter men; younger men are more likely to be promoted or hired, but there are situations in which men are discriminated against simply because they are men in exactly the same ways in which women are discriminated against for no other reason than that they are female.