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"View from my window" can be interpreted in many ways, feel free to do that. Please take a photograph that you feel fits within the competition name, it could be the view from your house, office, football stadium(!) etc.

The View from My Bedroom Window

The view taken from my front window, I look at this view everyday, to me it seems very French.

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This photo was taken last fall during the Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt Homecoming Game. This is a view from my window, my eyes, as I saw it that day and I wanted to share it with the world, hence the photo. BTW, Ole Miss won 17-10... Hotty Toddy!

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Now quite obviously, this is not the view from my window, but a view giving you a window to discover the great city of Melbourne , Australia. The many windows of the buildings are lit as the working day finishes, the view from such is amazing, some have 360 degree views. Melbourne is alive with the festive spirit at the moment during the International Comedy Festival

This view was taken from the window of a Southwest airlines flight to California. It was my first ever flight and I was very nervous.

A View From My Bedroom Window Essay

A cat sitting on a wall woke up.

A mother with her son tried to cross the road to get to the shops on the other side.
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My window is the frame of my camera. That picture was shot in Shanghai at the "3 in the Bund", a fancy restaurant and club. Our friends Beilei and YJ are performing with their Band. From the restaurant, you can access the roof where you have that amazing view of the Bund at night.

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Why I took it? I took the picture because it was snowing and it does not often do this where I live. Where did I take it? The picture is actually the view from my bedroom window.

The view from my window essay writer describe the view from your bedroom window essay.

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On my way home each day that I commute, I drive through foothills. One of the interesting parts of this drive are the massive windmills perched on most of the tops of the hills. This is a view from my car window (I wasn't driving this time). They really are an interesting scene.

Ten fresh ideas for descriptive essay topics The view from a window in the lecture hall.

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I thought about taking it literally, but hoped a figurative approach would be equally acceptable. The literal view from my window is onto a balcony in an average city in the U.S.. This photo represents a view I'd like to return to. A view that is anywhere, unique to where I am right now..

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The view from my window was dismal.