They feel powerless which is why they resort to cyber bullying.

According to the anti-virus manufacturer Norton, for example, as many as 41 percent of computers did not have up-to-date security protection in 2012.

Cyber criminals are still human beings and what they do -- including their crimes -- is often the cause of personal emotions and vendettas.

Cyber violence can also affect Internet-based business.

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(Gethackingsecurity, 2012) It took time for cyber crime to become prevalent because criminals did not have computer access, nor did they possess the expertise to use computers for criminal activities....

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Most recently, it took a crime wave of “cyber bullying” before our media and leaders in the Untied States gave it attention; now that the American people realize that the “classroom bully” has evolved into a more dangerously clever and sinister...

Many criminals have jumped on the train of cyber crimes by using the internet.

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Even when a victim does manage to attribute a cyberattack, the process can take a long time. It took the US weeks to publicly blame North Korea for the Sony attacks. That was relatively fast; most of that time was probably spent trying to figure out how to respond. Attacks by China against US companies have taken to attribute.

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In 2012, then US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that the US -- presumably the NSA -- has "made significant advances in ... identifying the origins" of cyberattacks. We don't know if this means they have made some fundamental technological advance, or that their espionage is so good that they're monitoring the planning processes. Other US government officials have that they've solved the attribution problem.

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We don't know how much of that is real and how much is bluster. It's actually in America's best interest to confidently accuse North Korea, even if it isn't sure, because it sends a strong message to the rest of the world: "Don't think you can hide in cyberspace. If you try anything, we'll know it's you."

The acts of cyber crimes are considered violent acts like any other....

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The 2009 Internet Crime Report indicates there were 336,655 received cyber-crime complaints in 2009 and a total monetary loss of $559.7 million (“2009 Internet Crime Report,” 2009)....

The rapid increase in cyber activity has a symbiotic relationship with cyber crime.

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Cyber bullying must be terminated in order to prevent teenage depression, fights breaking out in schools, and adolescences growing up to become criminals.

Everyday thousands of people and businesses are victimized by cybercrimes all over the world.

Cyber-crimes are essentially a combination of these two ..

Certainly Sony needs enough security to protect itself regardless of who the attacker was, as do all of us. For the victim of a cyberattack, who the attacker is can be academic. The damage is the same, whether it's a couple of hackers or a nation-state.