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Mill was confident that Britain had conferred on India solid benefits, including greater peace, order, and unity under law than the country had ever enjoyed before and than any native despot seemed able to ensure. It had introduced the vitalizing influence of highly trained and competent administrators who furthered social progress and prepared for the time, however remote, when India would rule itself. Although Mill accepted the superiority of British culture, he denied that cultural differences were due to racial differences. A variety of influences, such as education, state enactments, and special social and historical circumstances were more important than race. Nowhere is he more explicit on this subject than in his “Of all vulgar modes of escaping from the consideration of the effect of social and moral influences on the human mind, the most vulgar is that of attributing the diversities of conduct and character to inherent natural differences.” Donald Winch reminds us that Mill shared this view with other members of the liberal and classical school of political economy, who derived it from eighteenth-century thinkers. They assumed that human nature was the same wherever found and that it could always be elevated in the scale of civilization by effective government and assiduous education. They also assumed that it was Britain’s inescapable obligation to accomplish this goal in India.

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Cultural competence is a valuable quality nurses must process to provide quality care....

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A cultural competent nurse should ask questions and listen carefully to the answers in order to better understand the cultural diversity issues in health care that affect her patient.

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Communication and cultural competence are going to be vital to my success as an Optometrist in Minnesota due to major demographic shifts occurring there.

Five distinct qualities that have become essential qualities for nurses today are cultural competence, communication, empathy, teamwork and pride.

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The aforementioned phenomenon was exhibited when a group of nursing students went on a professional cultural immersion to Toronto, Canada and they discovered that diverse or differential cultures existing between the nurses and the patient may create an obstacle to nurses-pat...

To provide appropriate patient care, the nurse must understand her/his culture and that of the nurse profession.

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To attain this object, how much alteration may be requisite in the system of rack-renting and tenancy at will, we cannot undertake to show in this place. It is sufficiently obvious also that the corn-laws must disappear: there must be no feud raging between the commercial class and that by whose influence and example its excesses are to be tempered: men are not prone to adopt the characteristics of their enemies. Nor is this all. In order that the agricultural population should count for anything in politics, or contribute its part to the formation of the national character, it is absolutely necessary that it should be educated. And let it be remembered that, in an agricultural people, the diffusion of information and intelligence must necessarily be artificial;—the work of government, or of the superior classes. In populous towns, the mere collision of man with man, the keenness of competition, the habits of society and discussion, the easy access to reading—even the dulness of the ordinary occupations, which drives men to other excitements—produce of themselves a certain development of intelligence. The least favoured class of a town population are seldom actually stupid, and have often in some directions a morbid keenness and acuteness. It is otherwise with the peasantry. Whatever it is desired that they should know, they must be taught, whatever intelligence is expected to grow up among them, must first be implanted, and sedulously nursed.

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From Empathy to Caring: Defining the Ideal Approach to a In her essay, 'What is Clinical Empathy,' Halpern traces this transition from of the literature on caring comes from the nursing field in the last 40 years [24-26],The Importance of Empathy in Nursing - Nov 2012 Clinical skills are not the only thing that makes a good nurse Empathy also plays a major role in providing excellent patient careEmpathy | Custom Essays, Term Papers, Research Apr 2008 Empathy is generally defined as the identification with, and This is a Nursing essay example written by one of our academic writersFree empathy Essays and PapersWith his essay, “Empathy and (Film) Fiction”, Alex Neill tries to develop new theory Nursing Coat of Arms: Cultural Competence, Communication, Empathy,

Acquiring skills related to culturally competent nursing practice is important ..

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By using the competency model as a guide an organization can avoid synthetic or process which often fail to address certain organizations’ cultures, environments, and distinctions....