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This can be denoted as the process through which nurses are encouraged to directly take part in cross-cultural interactions with patients who hail from diverse backgrounds in an effort at increasing their cultural competence.

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Unfortunately, most of the health care providers in this country are faced with massive obstacles that often arise as a result of cultural misunderstanding as well as miscommunication with the diverse patient populations whose backgrounds, languages, and experiences contrast with those of the healthcare providers.

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In the United States, cultural competence is an important aspect in the provision of care to the Hispanic population, especially given the fact that they make up the underprivileged class of the contemporary American society.

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By providing examples of different cases within the clinical practice, the authors offer guidance on how to use cultural sensitivity in dealing with various cases that a health provider may encounter in their day-to-day healthcare settings.

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Objectives: (What you wish to accomplish/learn from this study)
1. Define cultural competence.
2. Identify concerns related to racial and ethnic disparities in health.
3. Verify the need for health care professionals and systems to accommodate increasingly diverse patient populations.
4. Synthesize concepts and practices of culturally competence healthcare.
5. Analyze research that relates to the concepts of culturally competent care: disparities, access, and quality.
6. Examine policies and laws related to culturally and linguistically appropriate services. 7. Self-assess cultural competence as a health care provider.

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According to them, the incorporation of open-ended questions and engaging in active listening with one’s patients are essential in promoting cultural competence in healthcare.

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They also illustrate that not all issues that touch on cultural competency are connected to foreign cultures or languages, and stipulate that physicians ought to be sensitive about the inimitable needs of the different groups that they serve, which encompasses gender, faith, age, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.

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Indeed, the number of Latino healthcare workers lags behind that of the Hispanic population growth, which raises the need for nurses from other ethnic backgrounds to apply cultural competence and sensitivity in the provision of care to Hispanic populations.
Working with patients hailing from diverse ethnic and cultural background raises the need for nurses to not only be committed to learning about the culture of their patients but to also learn about the patient as an individual.

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The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the need for cultural competence, cultural understanding, and communication in the provision of care to Hispanic populations.
Summary of Article
In the 2011 article titled Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness in the Delivery of Health Care, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists argues that communication between health providers and their patients can only be improved if the health care providers find means through which they can eradicate the gap that exists between the beliefs, practices, and medical culture that are incorporated into the value systems of any given patient.