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Some researchers say that the Catholic Church does not have as much influenceas in other Latin American countries because of the separation betweenreligion and the revolutionary government.

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Thereare only two seasons in this semitropical region.

Celia Cruz began entering the local radio talent shows winning fancycakes and more opportunities to compete and sing with the popular orchestrasof the time.

The averagetemperature range is from 73 F to 82 F.

Prado calls himself "a collector of cries and noises, elemental oneslike seagulls on the shore, winds through the trees, men at work in a foundry."To many Perez Prado was the creator of the mambo.

The climateresembles that of the other islands of the Greater Antilles islands.

The fertile land surrounding the Cauto River supports cattlefarming.

Later distinguished composers associated with musical nationalism includedAmadeo Roldan and Alejandro Caturla; both found "Afrocubanismo" the mostappropriate source of national expression.

Land forms are not the only thing in Cuba that is diverse.

He gave many young composers a solid technical training, and he establishedthe Grupo Renovacion Musical in 1942 in Havana, a group that favored contemporarymusic.

The floraand fauna of Cuba is extremely varied.

The first definitive step in musical nationalism in Cuba was taken byIgnacio Cervantes (1847-1905), who was the most important composer of hisgeneration.

There are nearly 8,000 species ofplant life on the island.

Robredo Manuel Samuel, a productive composer, refinedthe contradanza with its typical dotted-figure attendant music, characteristicof the later habanera, danzon and other Latin American popular dance rhythms.

The dry season runs fromNovember to April and the wet season from May until October.

The slopes produce large coffee crops.

Because of this the economic growth of theeastern regions was very restrained, and there was less opportunity forthis side of the country to progress even in the post-colonial period.

Most of Cuba's average 54 inches of rainfallcomes from hurricanes ("Cuba," 1).

The occidental system is also called the Cordillera de Guaniguanico.

This event showcased traditional and concert percussionstyles, and featured concerts, colloquia, contests, workshops, video presentations,and displays of instruments.

Cuba is a very mountainous island with ranges covering approximately25 percent of the country.

The Sierra de los Órganos has vast limestone deposits.

His gifted and original treatment of Afro-Cuban Music is well representedby his La Rumba in 1933 and Tres Danzas Cubanas in 1937 foran orchestra, and particularly by his many settings of Alejo Carpentier'sand Nicolas Guillen's Afro-Cuban poems.