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What do you think?Describe a journey that you particularly enjoyed
Write about some of the things that make you proud of your country..please send me the essays on these topics

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September 2009 I bet cool things to write essays about you the current issue of Cosmopolitan has an article whose title begins with a number. Hm.
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Remember that time when I talked about wanting to be more . At that point I wanted to take up drawing again, but not everyone likes to draw and some people believe that they can’t draw so they don’t like the activity. One thing that we can all do is write. And guess what, we can also be more creative with words.

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Write about 3 things that are hard for you and why

What suggestions do you have for controlling the behavior of large group of peopleRunning awayI made a mistake in telling him or her about my secretBright ideasWe had to carry my friend for the last mile of the expeditionA small child who made an important discoveryWrite about something you did recently that helped poor, old person in your neighborhoodSpace is the only place left to exploreA talent or skill that you wish to possess and how would you use itWrite about some of the things that make you happy and relaxed at the end of a school dayA person who was injured but kept it a secret and caused her friends great troubleThe new bus driverImportant public building in your areaChallenges of life bring out the best in young peopleCatsDescribe the sights and sounds during the mid-day break in your schoolWrite about the disappointments you have felt in your lifeA story about a person who entered a competition and surprised everyone by winning itCaring for a sick person at homeShould entertainers and sports stars be paid such large sums of money?

Write an essay to support your choice and to persuade the other students to vote for your choice.

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