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"In the past, those who no longer subscribed to thevalues of the dominant culture were held in check by the myththat the state possessed a monopoly on coercive force. This mythhas undergone continual erosion since the end of World War IIowing to the success of the strategy of guerrilla warfare, asfirst revealed to the French in Indochina, and later conclusivelydemonstrated in Algeria. Suffering as we do from what SenatorFulbright has called 'the arrogance of power,' we have beenextremely slow to learn the lesson in Vietnam, although we nowrealize that war is political and cannot be won by militarymeans. It is apparent that the myth of the monopoly of coerciveforce as it was first qualified in the civil rights conflict inthe South, then in our urban ghettos, next on the streets ofChicago, and now on our college campuses has lost its hold overthe minds of Americans. The technology of guerrilla warfare hasmade it evident that, while the state can win battles, it cannotwin wars of values. Coercive force which is centered in themodern state cannot be sustained in the face of the activeresistance of some 10 percent of the population unless the stateis willing to embark on a deliberate policy of genocide directedagainst the value dissident groups. The factor that sustained themyth of coercive force in the past was the acceptance of a commonvalue system. Whether the latter exists is questionable in themodern nation-state." [p.p. 59-60]

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Three years on, in 1907, Russia formed what became known as the Triple Entente (which lasted until World War One) by signing an agreement with Britain, the .

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Adding together the component partial utilities, the rationalherdsman concludes that the only sensible course for him topursue is to add another animal to his herd. And another.... Butthis is the conclusion reached by each and every rationalherdsman sharing a commons. Therein is the tragedy. Each man islocked into a system that compels him to increase his herdwithout limit -- in a world that is limited. Ruin is thedestination toward which all men rush, each pursuing his own bestinterest in a society that believes in the freedom of thecommons. Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all.

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Feminists like tgheir counterparts in Europe commonly promoted peace and facifistic ideas. The thrust of the feminist movement targetted sufferage and prohibition. Some promoted efforts to mediate apeace. Once American dentered the War, however, most feminists strongly supported the war effort. After the War, hving achieved both sufferage and prohibiton, many feminists groups began promoting world peace. Many reached the conclusion that American entry into the War had been a terrible mitake.

They drove the Germans almost all the way out of France, and the Germans admitted their defeat

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