The following is a model of a type of thesis that has a thesis statement and a statement of organization (sometimes referred to as T+ 3). The “statement of organization” is the thesis plus two, three, or more main ideas that will be discussed in the paper. This is the type of thesis statement I want you to use in your comparison/contrast essay.

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The purpose of your comparison/contrast essay is to show how two subjects (things, people (famous or otherwise), events, ideas, systems, feelings) are similar in some ways yet different in other ways, hence the name, comparison and contrast. It is also to evaluate your subjects (persons, places, things, ideas), assess their relative strengths and weaknesses, and show why one is better or more successful or more popular than another. The comparison/contrast paper gives you a chance to practice developing a persuasive essay by showing why one thing is better than another (yes, your first argument!).

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The rhetorical mode of comparing or contrasting two or more things is a great way for teachers to assess if you are grasping difficult concepts. For example you might compare/contrast two wars that America has participated in, or two colonies that Great Britain colonized and the reaction of the indigenous people. Another way comp/cont is used is for a student to understand something more clearly by comparing it to something with which it is similar. For instance, it might help us to understand socialism if we compare it with capitalism, or to understand classical music by comparing and contrasting it with rock and roll.

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