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It is difficult to predict which alternative fuel source America will ultimately choose, but with the premier of Nissan’s electric powered Leaf and other companies; such as Tesla Motors and Chevy, with their electric cars ready for market, the electric car may be winning the race to become the new standard for the gasoline alternative....

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(As you work through the composition modules on using introductions, integrating quotes and so on, you can consider those decisions here.) Do you think you might struggle with organization?

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He believes that we should only drive American made cars because he would like to keep the money that was spent on buying the car to stay here in the united states where as if you bought a Honda or a Toyota, a percentage of that money is shipped back to Japan because that?s where the president of the company is.

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Stewart also added that, ?With all of the drive train components under the hood, cars became smaller and lighter and still had adequate interior room,?

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Also another advantage that front-wheel drive cars have over rear wheel drive cars is that it gets better gas mileage than compared to a rear-wheel drive car.

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They took three front wheel drive cars, a Ford Focus ZX4 ST, a Toyota Camry XLE V6, and a Pontiac Bonneville GXP V8, and compared it to three rear wheel drive cars, a Mercedes-Benz C230K Sport, an Infiniti G35 Leather, and a Chrysler 300C Hemi, and put them through a rigorous test.