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Claudia, as a narrator-character, is only subtly drawn. The reader is aware that her words are a recounting of the past. She is remembering the summer when she and her older sister, Frieda, found out that their acquaintance, Pecola Breedlove, was raped by her father and impregnated. From her mature point of view, she recognizes the crime was more than just that perpetrated by Cholly, but more pervasively, that perpetrated by the community against its own children. The community rejects the beauty of its own children, encouraging them to recognize the beauty standard of the dominant media--the Shirley Temple blonde and blue-eyed privileged image--as the only kind of beauty. Blackness is regarded as ugly; the blacker a person is, the more ugly. Claudia resists this color ideology, this internalized racism, vehemently. Morrison depicts the thinking of children in Claudia as at least temporarily clear-visioned. Claudia knows something is wrong with the message she gets that she is not pretty because she does not look like Shirley Temple. She is intensely curious about what makes the white doll so precious and investigates by tearing her dolls apart. Claudia senses that what happens to Pecola has happened on a symbolic level to all the African American children of her community. In this, her perceptiveness is sharp.

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Cholly breedlove essay
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