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The combination of policy based on sticks (such as the work requirements, time limits, and sanctions of welfare reform) and carrots (such as child care and the earned income tax credit) is an effective strategy for fighting poverty. Moreover, it is consistent with the domestic philosophies of the nation’s two major political parties. Republicans emphasize that progress will not be possible unless individuals behave more responsibly— and more in accord with traditional American values—than they have in the past. Democrats emphasize that serious personal effort and responsible behavior alone will not be enough to allow millions of poorly educated adults and their families to escape poverty. Both individuals and government, in other words, have major roles to play in reducing poverty, and both parties can—and indeed have—supported work requirements and work support programs.”

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There are serious problems with the conceptualization of ‘poverty’. There are no clear definitions and monetary and multidimensional poverty approaches continue to amalgamate causes and consequences of poverty. In this contribution, I want to focus on the comparison of income and multidimensional approaches and question the relevance of measuring child poverty. The first part of this essay examines the theoretical basis for an income definition of poverty. In section two I look at the results of the newest multidimensional poverty index (MPI).The third section looks at the arguments for a multidimensional approach to child poverty. In the final part I examine the ideology of poverty and propose some alternatives for eradicating poverty and promoting development.

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For those educators quoted at the beginning of this essay, the answer is yes. They assert that the U.S. has a sky-high child-poverty rate compared to other developed countries.

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Although low-income rates for minority children are considerablyhigher than those for white children, this is due largely to ahigher prevalence of other risk factors, for example, higher ratesof single parenthood and lower levels of parental education andearnings. About 61 percent of black, 62 percent of Latino childrenand 57 percent of American Indian children live in low-incomefamilies, compared to about 27 percent of white children and 31percent of Asian children. At the same time, however, whitescomprise the largest group of low-income children: 11 million whitechildren live in families with incomes below twice the federalpoverty line.

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Child poverty is worse now than it was before the Great Recession, despite strides toward economic recovery. That's according to a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which found that rates were most severe for African-American and Native American children. Gwen Ifill talks to Annie E. Casey Foundation President Patrick McCarthy and Mark Hugo Lopez of the Pew Research Center.

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The findings from the Annie E. Casey Foundation show 22 percent of U.S. children were living in poverty in 2013. That’s compared to 18 percent in 2008. Those rates were nearly double among African-American and Native American children, with problems most severe in the South and the Southwest.

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Although most portrayals of poverty in the media and elsewherereflect the experience of only a few, a significant portion offamilies in America have experienced economic hardship, even if itis not life-long. Americans need new ways of thinking about povertythat allow us to understand the full range of economic hardship andinsecurity in our country. In addition to the millions of familieswho struggle to make ends meet, millions of others are merely onecrisis — a job loss, health emergency, or divorce —away from financial devastation, particularly in this fragileeconomy. A recent study showed that the majority of Americanfamilies with children have very little savings to rely on duringtimes of crisis. Recently, more and more families have becomevulnerable to economic hardship.

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Americans often talk about “poor people” as if theyare a distinct group with uniform characteristics and somehowunlike the rest of “us.” In fact, there is amongchildren and families who experience economic hardship. Researchshows that many stereotypes just aren’t accurate: a study ofchildren born between 1970 and 1990 showed that 35 percentexperienced poverty at some point during their childhood; only asmall minority experienced persistent and chronic poverty. And morethan 90 percent of low-income single mothers have only one, two, orthree children.