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Cause and Effect - The Attack of Pearl Harbor

Causes and Effects of the Attack on Pearl Harbor? | …

Causes and Effects of the Attack on Pearl Harbor

"'I distrust people who speak of the (atom) bombings today as an atrocity they strongly opposed in 1945 I don't believe them. At the time virtually everyone was delighted that we dropped the bombs, not only because they shortened the war and saved thousands of American lives but also (quite irrationally, notice) because the "Japs" deserved it for the terrible things they had done to our boys at Pearl Harbor, Bataan, Guadalcanal, and all the way through the Pacific.'"

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One incensed reader of the article was , who was the USA's ambassador to Japan from 1932 until the day after the Pearl Harbor attack. Grew was in intimate contact with Truman and Stimson and was behind the effort to put language into the Potsdam Declaration that Japan could retain its imperial family. Grew strongly believed that if Japan had been given assurances regarding their emperor's status, it would have surrendered months before the USA dropped the atom bombs. Grew confronted Stimson regarding that glaring omission in the article. While defending himself, Stimson wrote to Grew in the wake of the article that those who decided to bomb Hiroshima were "very fine men," but they "should have known better."

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The repeatedly stated rationale by Truman, that it was vengeance for Pearl Harbor, may be one of the most honest public statements made by any American official and helps Truman earn his reputation for honesty. Also, after witnessing the devastation that the Hiroshima bomb inflicted, Truman decided to approve any further bombings, because he hated to kill 100,000 people per bomb, especially, "," which is once again at variance with his "military base" announcement. Being one of the most honest presidents is not saying much.

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In July of 1941, nearly into World War II, the American consulate again informed the Kleins that all their previous efforts to immigrate were for naught, and that they would have to start over. The Kleins were also forced to live apart in the refugee camp. In December of 1941, a few days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the Kleins had their last glimpse of freedom. Their children had been able to book them passage to America. All was in readiness, except for approval from the American consulate. The consulate informed the Kleins that the quota for German immigrants had been exceeded and that they would have to wait for the quota to open up to admit them. By that time, the Final Solution was underway in Eastern Europe, with Einsatzgruppen performing their mass executions in the newly conquered territory, as Germany invaded Eastern Europe during Hitler's double-cross of Stalin.

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All the same, another argument directed at my work is that because nobody really knew what the Nazis were capable of, their inaction does not make them "culpable." Culpability is not this essay's point. If somebody comes begging to my door and I send them away, and the next week I see them dead alongside the road, I can tell myself that I had no idea that they would end up dead. Does that mean that I had no contribution to their fate? Lawyerly types make that argument. Claiming ignorance of the future (which we can all do) does not lessen my responsibility, and my lesson should be to ask myself what I could have done, so that the next time I do not slam the door in the face of another beggar. While prevail, we will continue to chart our path of disaster, and when the next one happens, we can say, as the German people said after the death camps were opened, "We did not know." Germans who could smell the scent of burning flesh from the nearby camp’s ovens, and who watched prisoners being beaten in town by their guards, still said, "I did not know."