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Second, whether the “judicial laws” are still in force is in any case irrelevant to the specific question at hand. For the pope has not merely said that capital punishment should no longer be applied . He has at least appeared to assert that capital punishment is wrong. Now, if that is the case, then it would follow logically that the “judicial laws” of the Old Testament were commanding the Israelites to do something that was wrong, wrong . But that cannot be reconciled with the Church’s teaching that scripture cannot teach moral error.

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But this is simply irrelevant to the that is at issue between Fastiggi and me. Yes, some of the Fathers were strongly opposed to the use of capital punishment in . But I never denied that. What I said is that they were unanimous that capital punishment is wrong, that it can be legitimate at least . And . This unanimous judgment includes Fathers like Tertullian and Lactantius, who – in other passages that Fastiggi does quote (but which Joe Bessette and I quote in our book) – allow that capital punishment can at least in theory be legitimate.

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There are two fundamental theological questions that arise in Catholic discussions of capital punishment. First, is capital punishment legitimate at least ? Or is it wrong? Second, is capital punishment advisable ? Or are there moral or other reasons for the state to refrain from inflicting the death penalty, even if in theory it has the right to do so?

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Now, maybe Shea would say that in such remarks, the pope is merely speaking loosely and rhetorically and does not intend to contradict the traditional teaching that capital punishment is not intrinsically wrong. Perhaps that is the case, and indeed I suggested in my article that that may be all that is going on. But if so, then Shea can hardly object to the request that the pope clarify his remarks and reaffirm traditional teaching.

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Moreover, if the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, all previous popes, and even scripture itself in fact have (as Brugger’s view implies) been so wrong for so long about something as serious as capital punishment, why should Brugger or anyone else trust what these sources have to say about contraception, conscience, grace, marriage, and the like? How can the credibility of the Church be upheld on doctrinal matter?

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What does the Church say to the countless “victims” of the death penalty in all that time past? Where was the promise of the Holy Spirit in guarding the Deposit of Faith against the Gates of Hell? Where was the voice of the Church back then in attempting to save them from a practice that could never be justified? That the Church was silent because it didn’t have the full “development” of the morality of capital punishment? But now it does, modern times and all, and what do you know…the Gospels all along have prohibited capital punishment as it really is intrinsically wrong?

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Indeed, even E. Christian Brugger – who has written the most significant Catholic theological work , and who maintains that the practice is always and intrinsically wrong and not just ill-advised in practice – concedes that there was a “consensus” among the Fathers on the legitimacy in principle of capital punishment, and that this consensus was grounded in Scripture.

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Fourth, while Fastiggi is correct that it is up to the Magisterium to interpret scripture, the point is precisely that the Fathers and Doctors of the Church and all previous popes have uniformly interpreted scripture as affirming the legitimacy in principle of capital punishment. If Pope Francis were suddenly to declare that they had all gotten scripture wrong for 2000 years, this would entirely rather than reinforce the Magisterium’s claim to be a reliable interpreter of scripture.