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Students will view and play the online game,The Boston Massacre Files. They will then answer a few quiz questions, and prepare to defend their opinion of the accuracy of the Revere engraving, The Bloody Massacre in class and in a short argumentative essay. The essay will be less than a page and must use three facts from their research to prove their point.

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Historical events and recordings provided by media on the events surrounding the Boston Massacre remain both uncertain and ambiguous, a situation possibly created by divergent views or ideologies adopted by within media circles. Researchers cite the reporting of the Boston Massacre as being more about professing propaganda that favored either side of the political divide (or conflict) as opposed to relaying genuine facts regarding the event (Haridakis, Hugenberg & Wearden, 2009). On one part, there was media information (or journalists) seen to favor the British side of the political conflict and reported the event as perceived incivility against the development-oriented norm envisioned by the Colonialists. The best example for this scenario is the “Incident of King Street” title chosen by the British to describe the Boston Massacre event (Haridakis et al, 2009). A second example follows published narratives of the Hutchinson depositions that largely contained accounts given by soldiers and was titled “A Fair Account of the Late Unhappy Disturbance in Boston (Haridakis et al, 2009). The general tone adopted by pro-British media was that the event was an unfortunate occurrence sparked by selfish (riotous) Bostonians who sought to deny the colony peaceful and prosperous coexistence provided through favorable Parliamentary laws (York, 2010).

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1. After participating in the online game, the student will evaluate the historical accuracy of Paul Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre in classroom debate and a short essay.

Revere is also known for his propaganda sketch of Boston Massacre of 1770 that helped rally the colonist behind the Revolution.
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