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The bulk of your essay should focus on his career with his contributes and ventures as well as his crossover appearances in popular culture topping off the meat of the essay. Due to the nature of Bill Gates’ career, there will be some terms that very technical such as:

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Free sample essay on Bill Gates

Writing an essay about Bill Gates is pretty easy. The subject itself contributes to the bulk of the ease of difficulty here. Once topics of discussion have been gathered via research all that would be left is pulling everything together. If your essay is informative in nature it will be even easier to write up as the pacing will write itself you’re starting with Gates’ beginnings or even if you’re focusing on his career.

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If you are able to touch on some or all of these, your essay will have a solid flow. As stated above, Bill Gates’ career and the path it took pretty much wrote your essay, you just have to put it all together and pace it.

At the end of your essay you’ll want to reiterate Bill Gates’ accomplishments for your reader and close with his legacy:
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When writing an original Bill Gates essay, be sure to start with a brief biography followed by a detailed description of Bill Gates' achievements.

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An Analysis of the Role of Bill Gates in the Society and a Brief Biography of Bill Gates as an Antichrist

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