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Dickens was the second of eight children in a family always in debt, so he knew firsthand the misery of child labor (factory work), hunger, and debtors' prison. His childhood poverty and adversity shaped his later passion for social reform and his compassion for the lower classes, especially for children, which is obvious in the novels, short stories, and articles he wrote.

- Free"General history of the Civil War."

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- Free "Who was present and cognizant of the events narrated."

When Lewis accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, he 'lived up to his reputation as a non-conformist and firebrand by his vehement speech in which he attacked the professors and men of letters who would subject American literature to conventional standards of taste and morals.' ( A website at Illinois State University offers biography, timeline, bibliography, teaching resources, an FAQ, and links to other websites. in the New York Times in 2002 provides details and critique of Lewis, 'All-American Iconoclast,' a novelist whose reputation has gone into 'undeserved decline.'

- Free"With full reports of all important proceedings."

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"Containing a brief History of the State of Ohio, from its earliest settlement to the present time, embracing its topography, geological, physical and climatic features; its agricultural, stock-growing, railroad interests, etc.; a History of Delaware County, giving an account of its aboriginal inhabitants, early settlement by the whites, pioneer incidents, its growth, its improvements, organization of the county, its judicial and political history, its business and industries, churches, schools, etc,; Biographical Sketches; Portraits of some of the Early Settlers and Prominent Men, etc."

- FreeMultiple volumes on the history of California, including Governors, The Jesuits, etc.

Rachel Whiteread born 1963 | Tate

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"From the earliest settlement in 1787 down to the present time, Embracing the Cessions of New Sharon, New Vineyard, Anson, and Stark. In two parts, including the history and genealogy of many of the leading families of the town."

Karl August Wittfogel - Wikipedia

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Sculpture | Deutschland und die Ostmark

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- Free Written in 1916, about the London Rifle Brigade and compiled regimentally.

- Free"From its first settlement, to 1882."

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"Her people, industries and institutions. With biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families."

- Free"With illustrations an biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers."

- Free General history of Naseby, England and Northampton County.

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A collection of reminiscences of the early settlement of the county with biographical sketches and a complete history of the county to the present time.

- Free "Being a Contribution to the History of Hailes, County Gloucester Manor, Parish and Abbey."

- Free History about Lancaster County England an Kirkham Parish.

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