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Her independence and uniqueness is shown when she has no desire to marry Gaston who is coveted by every other women in the village.
The Beast
Beast; the Prince
His characteristics: ugly as a beast, handsome as the prince, sensitive, puts on a tough front, protective of Belle, commanding
Conforms to the traditional male stereotype
Examples: He was rude to Belle at first showing the tough front that men have, but he later begins to show his sensitive and caring nature to Belle that men have under their hard exterior.

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Savagery, an element innate to humanity, can only be repressed by the laws of society; the lack of regulation removes all inhibition, and therefore, exposes the beast representing evil from within....

Beauty and the Beast portrays severe gender stereotypes

He also boosts Gaston's confidence when Gaston questions himself because Belle will not marry him.
Beauty; Princess; female
Her characteristics: strong, independent, caring, beautiful, intelligent, loving, funny, strange, strong
Does not conform to the female stereotype at the time; most females were not intelligent, independent, and strong.

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