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Throughout the sciences, theories involving quantum theory, string theory, particle physics and more, are discovering that existence is far weirder than scientists ever imagined, and that no one truly has an absolute grip on reality. We apparently all need one another's hearts and minds, together, to make even our best guess about 'what is real' - and even then, we know we are only making our best collective guess.

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Yes, this essay has gotten a little long for the Internet, but exploring the complexities of language - even if it takes a few extra words - is far better than just tagging people with a judgmental and harmful label!

1. IAN p. 89 L-10 Unfamiliar 20 vocab words. Multi-Intel.

A feminist anthropologist historian Ann Goldberg has looked into the real life stories of those who were locked up in an early big institution in the 1800's, in Germany, in her provocatively-titled book Essentially, her research seems to show we have been some of the people who have not "fit in" to a modernizing society, a society that has some major problems itself.

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2. Write each L-9 kanji character 10 times each on separate paper.

Itzcoatl initiated the Mexica (Aztec) empire by conqueringCoyoacan, Xochimilco, Cuitlahuac, and the remaining towns in thevalley of Mexico. After conquering Cuernavaca, Itzcoatl died in1440, and Moteuczoma Ilhuicamina was elected king. Moteuczomawas a successful general and also a high priest; he expanded theMexica empire to the Gulf coast and organized botanical and zoologicalgardens. He had campaigned against Chalca to gain victims forhis coronation. When they captured and killed two sons of Nezahualcoyotland prepared for war, the Mexica mobilized every man and boy in1444 and gained the Tepanecs and Acolhuas as allies. The finalbattle was fought on the feast day of the Chalca god Camaxtliso that they would have captives to sacrifice. The victoriousMexica took five hundred prisoners and sacrificed them. The longwar with the Chalca was suspended when the Mexica suffered a greatfamine, though the Mexica found cause to make the Cohuixcas tributariesin 1448. The need for sacrificial victims stimulated the Mexica,Tepanecs, and Acolhuas in the valley to take on the Cholultecs,Tlascaltecs, and Huexotxincas in ritual combats to gain captives.A young man was not really recognized as a warrior until he hadcaptured a soldier by himself, and it took four captures beforehe was considered a veteran.

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4. Japanese Traditional Theater Quiz Friday 11/18/11.

Speaking of laughter... Consider the stereotyped 'crazy evil laugh' one may see in a movie with, say, a mad doctor. You know, that "moo - hoo - hoo - hoo - ha - ha - ha!" laugh. Why is that considered inherently mad? Isn't that sometimes the sound an extremely disenfranchised person makes who has suddenly discovered the tables have turned, and he or she is winning because of a cunning plan? Is that victory laugh really always evil?

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3. Complete the Kaminshibai Translations and Drawings!

Later Mayan hunters would pray for understanding before theywould take life or disrupt the forests. These attitudes may havelong endured and might have been learned from the hard experiencesduring the decline after population had increased. Later Mayans,like the Mexican Itza and the Spanish, were criticized in the of Chumayel for having lost theirinnocence in carnal sins, causing lack of judgment, bad luck,and sickness. The great teachings of heaven and earth had beenlost. Before these came, this author claimed there was no robbery,greed, tribute, nor violent strife.

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2. L-9 Vocab/Kanji-English Matching Quiz 11/10 Thursday.

All the nobles were educated to be priests in the (school); the rich could get their sons in with gifts, and itwas said those with poor gifts were not excluded. The youths sleptin the , and discipline was strict. Serious offenseslike being with a woman or drinking could be punished by death,and minor sins, like not awaking to pray at midnight, were purgedwith bloodletting. During fasts they got only water and plaincorn-cakes once a day either at noon or midnight. Verbal discoursewas valued, and songs were studied from books. According to writingsinscribed during the Spanish period, priests were expected tobe chaste, truthful, moderate, and devout. They also claimed thatthe chief priest called Quetzalcoatl was not selected by lineagebut for being the best person with the purest and most compassionateheart. Aztec artists were inspired by the Toltecs, whom they admired.A good feather artist, for example, should be skillful, a masterof oneself, and it was his duty to humanize the desires of thepeople; but a bad artist ignores how things look, is greedy, andscorns other people. A good painter is wise; God is in his heart,and he puts divinity into things and converses with his own heart.