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Jetsunma Thinley Chodron was one of the root lamas to . She was the daughter of 5th Mindrolling Trichen Thinley Namgyal. She was an ordained nun, and studied under many great masters. She eventually became greatly accomplished in Dzogchen. She also taught widely throughout Tibet and had many disciples.

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Ven. Khandroma Palden Chotso: "Dakini Hermitage," as it is commonly called, or the "Retreat Center of Great Radiance and Expanse at Kilung, in Dzachukha' (Rdza ki lung mkha' 'gro'i 'od gsal klung dbyings sgrub sde), is a special nunnery of women Yoginis located on a mountain in eastern Tibet. The Hermitage is run by Ven. Khandroma Palden Chotso, daughter of Lama Longtok Rinpoche (1922-2001), who was a great practitioner and a Terton (discoverer of hidden revelations) in the Longchen Nying-t'ik lineage of the Nyingma tradition. Lama Longtok Rinpoche had a large number of students from five monasteries (the Gegong, Kilung, Gemong, Sakya and Gyangma monasteries, all in Dzachukha) who regarded him as their root Lama.

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Jetsunma Tsewang Lhamo passed away in 1995, remaining in the state of samadhi for three days. She was the daughter of Tritsab Pema Wangchen and the grand aunt of the present Mindrolling Trichen. Jetsun Tsewang Lhamo's root guru was Jampal Dewai Nyima from whom she took her ordination vows and received instruction. Jetsunma also received profound teachings from Khenchen Khyentse Norbu and Chung Rinpoche. After the Cultural Revolution, Jetsunma lived with Chung Rinpoche until he passed away in 1979. In 1982, Jetsunma left Tibet for Mindrolling monastery in India, with her younger sister Jetsun Dechen Wangmo and her grandnephew, Khenchen Khenrab Gyatso, the present Mindrolling Khenchen.

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Mahaprajapati achieved complete realization and was known as an Arhat—an enlightened Saint and the first "female Buddha". Many of her women followers also attained full Enlightenment and their poetry has been preserved in a large collection of writings known as the Theri-gata, or "Songs of the Women Elders".

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The Twenty-one forms of Tara is a set of icons, each representing Tara, in reference to an aspect of female Buddhahood and protecting against a specific type of suffering. These remind us of the fact that there have been and have been and continue to be innumerable women Buddhas throughout history and all over the world..

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At the age of five Khandroma Palden Chotso was ordained as a novice and studied the Dharma under her father, who was both her parent and root Lama. As she matured, she showed great proficiency in tantric yoga practice. After attaining full realization into the nature of mind, she was given the title of "Dakini" or "Khandroma" in Tibetan. The title is given to a woman who, possessing the qualities of enlightenment, has the duty of protecting the tantric teachings. Khandroma Palden Chotso is now resident at the Dakini Hermitage in Tibet with four nuns who are her disciples.

In 2004, Khandroma Palden Chotso had a small road built, leading to the Hermitage to make access up the mountain easier. She also began to construct an assembly hall so that monks and nuns who used to be the students of Lama Longtok's could pray and perform rituals together. Another objective of the assembly hall is to house Buddha images and relics, important Buddhist texts and other treasures belonging to her late father. These sacred objects carry the blessings of many important lamas in Tibet and India, and thus are valuable for accumulating spiritual grace.