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Colleges and online universities have restructured new guidelines to select students for higher studies. Essay writing is one of the eligibility criteria for students. They have to write informative and qualitative academic scholarship essays to have satisfactory feedbacks from superior teachers. Religion is always highly sensitive as human society has recorded numerous incidents of violence, subversion, ethnic profiling, genocide, and color distinction. Your essay topics on religion should be interesting. Check current issues and controversial facts to assess roles of different religion schools. Interesting topics on religion will certainly entice senior teachers to go through argumentative or expository write-ups on religion.

The Ten Best Argumentative Essay Topics About Religion

Religion on the other hand makes arguments analytical in nature and requires faith.

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While integration seems attractive (especially to theologians), it isdifficult to do justice to both the science and religion aspects of agiven domain, especially given their complexities. For example, PierreTeilhard de Chardin (1971), who was both knowledgeable inpaleoanthropology and theology, ended up with an unconventional viewof evolution as teleological (which brought him into trouble with thescientific establishment), and with an unorthodox theology (with anunconventional interpretation of original sin that brought him intotrouble with the Roman Catholic Church). Theological heterodoxy, byitself, is no reason to doubt a model, but it points to difficultiesfor the integration model in becoming successful in the broadercommunity of theologians and philosophers. Moreover, integration seemsskewed towards theism as Barbour described arguments based onscientific results that support (but do not demonstrate) theism, butfailed to discuss arguments based on scientific results that support(but do not demonstrate) the denial of theism.

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While the conflict model is at present a minority position, some haveused philosophical argumentation (e.g., Philipse 2012) or havecarefully re-examined historical evidence such as the Galileo trial(e.g., Dawes 2016) to argue for this model. Alvin Plantinga (2011) hasargued that the conflict is not between science and religion, butbetween science and naturalism.

The Routledge group writes a very compelling argument dealing with the attitudes towards science and religion.

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Writing an argumentative essay about religion can be quite complicated, because it’s very important to choose an appropriate topic. Your essay will be good and interesting only if you are interested in the problem. Besides that, the research should be based on other work dedicated to the same issue. This means that in choosing a topic, you should make sure that there is enough information available for you to use as arguments.

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This article provides you with 20 interesting argumentative essay topics on religion. It might be quite complicated to discuss and prove issues and notions of a philosophical or religious nature, but the list of topics suggested below should help you organize your thoughts and write an effective essay.

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Until the nineteenth and even early twentieth century, it was commonfor scientists to have religious beliefs which guided their work. Inthe seventeenth century, the design argument reached its peakpopularity and natural philosophers were convinced that scienceprovided evidence for God’s providential creation. Naturalphilosopher Isaac Newton held strong, albeit unorthodox religiousbeliefs (Pfizenmaier 1997). By contrast, contemporary scientists havelower religiosity compared to the general population. There are vocalexceptions, such as the geneticist Francis Collins, erstwhile theleader of the Human Genome Project. His book The Language ofGod (2006) and the BioLogos Institute he founded advocatecompatibility between science and Christianity.

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This essay will consider the perspectives of Marx and Engels upon the role of Religion and will also discuss how relevant there argument is in the 21st century....

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What is an argumentative essay? It’s a kind of academic paper that demands profound researching of a certain topic, gathering evidence and establishing your point of view on a peculiar problem. The essence of the argumentative essay is in your ability to choose trustworthy facts that can confirm your point of view.