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Many businesses also offer college scholarships, such as Kohl’s Cares, the Best Buy Scholarship Program, and the Microsoft Scholarship Program, so don’t forget these (often sizeable) opportunities.

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Applying for your scholarship is the first step along your journey to financial aid for college

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Applying isn’t the last step; your FAFSA form has to be processed, and then you get an Expected Family Contribution, which your college or career school uses to figure out how much aid you can get. Find out more about , including how aid is calculated and when and how your aid will be paid out.

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While it seems easy enough to simply start searching online for scholarships, if you approach it with a more refined touch, your results will substantially increase. The key is to not find all scholarships available, but to quickly go through them to find the scholarships available to you, as the unique individual you are. Refining the searching destinations and methods and approaching it systematically will help you to leave no scholarship rock un-turned. In applying for a greater number of more realistic opportunities, you'll of course increase your chances for success - no rocket science here!

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Regardless of your background, ethnicity, gender or interests there is likely a scholarship waiting to suit your needs. Make sure you check out other aspects of the where you can learn about scholarships aimed at specific people with specific interests, such as nursing scholarships, art scholarships and even graduate fellowships. You've worked hard throughout your academic career and now is the time to make that hard work pay-off in the form of a scholarship to help make your college dreams a reality.

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These broad categories include a range of very specific awards that recognize individual applicants based on particular talents, interests or qualities. Take stock of your unique attributes – each one might bring you closer to some gift money for college. With a firm grasp on what makes you stand out, launch a comprehensive search for all the scholarships that apply to you.

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Many scholarship applications will consist of a personal essay designed to let the review board know a little about you and your goals for the future. It here that you will have the opportunity to talk about your family background, your accomplishments both in the classroom and in your community and your goals for college and beyond. Your essay should be truthful and heartfelt while it promotes the best aspects of your character and motivations. Here is your chance to make your case for why YOU should win the coveted scholarship.

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The purpose of this guide is to walk a student through the process of seeing their own potential. It is designed to inspire you to take these few ideas shared as a starting point, and use them as seeds to grow your own ideas, based on your unique circumstances. In doing so, you will be able to find and apply for more applicable scholarships - and hopefully sidestep many common scholarship pitfalls.

The go-to guide for finding and applying for college and university scholarships. Learn how to choose the right college, apply for scholarships, and more.

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Receiving scholarship awards does not preclude you from applying for other financial aid. In addition to grants and scholarships, student loans are often a necessary feature of your college aid package and GoCollege has an entire section devoted to making the most of the money you borrow.