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The table labeled "Excelsior College Examinations" provides informa­tion related to the Excelsior examination areas and subtest areas for which credit is awarded. More detailed information about Excelsior College Examinations, including detailed test descriptions, can be found online at .

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The table labeled "UEXCEL Credit by Examination" provides information related to the UEXCEL program developed jointly by Excelsior College and Pearson. More detailed information about the UEXCEL program, including test descriptions can be found online at

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The University will award credit to students presenting qualify­ing scores in DANTES examinations. The table labeled "DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)" provides information relat­ed to the Dantes Examination credit. For additional information: .

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Credit is awarded for scaled scores of 50 or higher on computer-based CLEP exams taken after July 1, 2001. A percentile score of 50 or high­er is required on CLEP examinations taken prior to July 1, 2001. CLEP credit may be earned by CLEP subject examinations. Successful completion of CLEP examinations means performance at or above the minimum qualifying score. CLEP credit cannot be used to reduce a grade point deficiency. For example, CLEP cannot be substituted for a grade awarded for a previously completed course. CLEP may not be used to fulfill the senior institution requirements.

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LNW 3700. This is a unique number assigned to this exam. The IB Latin course includes a reading component and a selection of two out of four authors on a list that changes periodically. Minimum 3 credits for score of 4, 6 credits for score of 5-7 (all exams for diploma holders, higher level exams only for others).

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No direct equivalent. Content of Language A2 varies widely. Minimum 3 credits language or literature for score of 4, 6 credits of language or literature for a score of 5-7.

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A score of 50 on any of the language exams earns a minimum of one semester (4 credits) of Elementary Language I or equivalent level (gen­erally numbered 1120). A score at or above the second CLEP threshold level (currently 59 for French, 60 for German, or 63 for Spanish) earns a minimum of two semesters (8 credits) of Elementary Language I and II or equivalent level (generally numbered 1120C-1121C). No literature credit should be awarded for CLEP foreign language exams.

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The table labeled "College Level Examination Program" provides information related to the CLEP examination areas and subtest areas for which credit may be awarded. In addition, this table delineates the minimum qualifying score and the UCF course for which each exami­nation can substitute.

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does not complete nor receive credit by UCF (transfer or otherwise) in a more advanced course during the term in which the CLEP examination is taken.