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The first part of the course willintroduce students to approaches from within stylistics and discourse analysis,and will examine the ways in which specific linguistic choices createvariations in style and meaning. The questions of what makes a text, and whatmakes a text ‘cohesive’, will be explored, and the language associated withdifferent discourse types such as politics, advertising and humour, will beexamined. The course will go on to explore the way in which linguistic choicescan be evaluated from different theoretical positions. Topics will includeCritical Discourse Analysis, Raymond Williams’ Keywords, Marxist and feministperspectives on language, and intertextuality.

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This story appeared in the two-page daily English-language supplement to , Mexico City’s most authoritative newspaper at the time. The English-language supplement usually printed news that ’s editors believed would interest English-speaking readers who lived in the city more or less permanently, rather than tourists. Therefore the English-language pages generally contained business news of interest to local representatives of foreign firms, a smattering of political news from Britain and the United States (usually translated from the main part of the paper), social notes detailing the comings and goings of businessmen, diplomats, and their families, and extensive coverage of tournaments and dances at Mexico City’s elite country clubs. The supplement almost never printed stories about crime, tourism, or the day-to-day workings of government (neither in Mexico nor abroad.)

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The advertisements in provide one possible answer to this question. They peddled high-end goods—often, imported items ranging from tennis balls to automobiles. They did not aim to reach many readers, but focused on a small number of wealthy ones. This would include Mexico City’s community of English-speaking resident foreigners, but also included the larger number of relatively conservative, wealthy Mexicans who would see the inclusion of an English-language section as a sign of the newspaper’s politics. In the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution (during which the United States invaded Mexico and Pancho Villa’s army invaded the United States), this gesture of affiliation with the United States and its representatives in Mexico suggested that did not entirely agree with the new, post-Revolutionary government’s nationalist policies. This, in turn, would have hinted at a broader conservatism that wealthier Mexicans, presumably, would have appreciated. Advertisers in , therefore, found the presence of the English-language section a reassuring sign that they could reach a group of rich, powerful consumers.

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An opponent of inkhorn terms, Orwell loathed the use of the hundreds of foreign words and phrases current in English and believed that the English language, or as he highlights, “Saxon words”, would cover the needs of political writers instead of Latin or Greek or/and other loans.

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In this paper, we shall analyse Orwell’s 1946 essay “Politics and the English language” from both linguistic and cultural insights, focusing on the English political status quo at the time, as well as highlighting Orwell’s idea of language concreteness.
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Chaucer is the first authorial celebrityto have been working in, and with, the English language. Chaucer’s status – tosome extent contrived and political – as the originator of a literarytradition in English, and, initially, of rhetorical and philosophicaltraditions as well, developed almost immediately after his death. His writingshave remained influential through virtually all subsequent periods of Englishliterature, and have fascinated many of the greatest English writers in theseperiods (and some of the greatest filmmakers of the twentieth and twenty-firstcenturies too). For all of these reasons, Chaucer is the subject of a corecourse in the UCL English Department.